Monday, November 29, 2010

de Leeuw 1 - Summer 2017

The de Leeuw Family
Elisa is 22
(Harald Jaser is 25, Kenneth Warner is 21 and Madeleine Rai is 19)
Narrated by Elisa

I was a little bit scared to live on my own after graduation because the original plan was to move back in with mom. But she moved to the Ardens last summer, with her new boyfriend.
I was a little bit nervous about it all, because even though I'm an only child, I never really did things on my own, mom, or even dad were always there to do things with me. 
But to be honest, I came to like those moments just for me. All that peace and quiet and just doing what you want without having to confirm with somebody else.
Even though I came to like those moments just for me, I was really happy when I got a reply to my add for a roommate. I wasn't to fond of the idea of living with a total stranger, but I needed the money because I can't pay for the apartment on my own, and Harald it ok, we have the best time together.
I always have a good time with Harald. I can talk to him about everything.
I wasn't really looking for a relationship after the brutal end of my last one, but Harald and I seem to have a connection. When he asked me out on a date, I didn't need to think about it.
And after some dates, one thing lead to another.
I kind of love living with my boyfriend. I even don't like it when he sleeps in his own bedroom because I like having him with me during the night.
I'm so happy to have found someone to make me happy that I wanted him to meet my friends, so I invited one of my best friends over, I think Madeleine is one of the most picky sims I know, so if she would approve I knew it would be alright.
When she left Madeleine hugged me and told me that Harald is a really sweet guy and that I should hold on to him! I was really happy with her comment and I couldn't stop smiling!
With everything good going on in my life, I could almost forget that I haven't found a job since gradutation, and it's quite frustrating. I want to join the policeforce, and SimsVille-Simmeria doesn't have that many cops walking around, so I don't understand why there hasn't been an opening. I check the board at the station every day, but nothing comes up, so I took a temporarly job at SimsVille Up Hill Elementary School. Marie Gerrits is in desperate need of an extra teacher because there will be a lot of students, so I will help her out next year while waiting for an opening at the police force.
Speaking of gradutation, one of my friends, Kenneth Warner, will be graduation this fall, and came to talk to me for a livingspace. He wants to live here when he graduates, I wouldn't mind, but I'm not the only one living here, so I need to discuss this with Harald too, but I don't think that will be a problem since he hardly ever uses his room.

  • Harald was just a simple neighbor when Elisa started showing interest in him, so I desided to make them roommates, he graduated in psychology and is really focused on money.
  • My original thought for Elisa was to send her to her mother for the summer, especially after the bad break-up with Jack, but then Harald came around, and I desided to let her take the road instead.
  • About Elisa's job, I had this idea in my head ever since I did a headcount of the student in the elementary school, the original number was 16, but since there will be some changes in the aging system next round it will only be 13, wich is still a lot, but my high school has 12, so it has to be doable for Marie on her own, but since children are a lot harder to handle (without the hormones that is) than teens, I will continue with the plan, and let Elisa help out during next year.


  1. Aw, that's sweet that Elisa fell in love with her roommate. I have a soft spot for stories like that, I guess, because that's how my Drusilla fell in love with Floyd (so long ago!)

    Looking forward to seeing how Elisa goes as a teacher. Maybe she'll enjoy it so much she won't want to join the police force after all?

    You have me curious about the changes you're making to the aging system now!

  2. I really like it when something happens on its own in the game like it did with Elisa and Harald... sometimes you have to change your plans for the sim, but I like it that they can make their own plans, too!

  3. It's nice that Elisa found Harald after her breakup. At least she is not dwelling on the ex.

    Like Carla, I'm interested in seeing your new aging system

  4. Carla I don't know if I'm going to let Elisa keep as a teacher since she has the LTW to become captain hero ... but maybe I'll reconsider when law enforcement doesn't come up at the computer :)

    The changes in the aging aren't huge, but you'll notice them. At the end of this round you'll get a post about it.

    Blackcat Yes I like that a lot too. I still have to learn to give them some control, and act by their wants and not do everything myself :)

    Oasisvalley Elisa didn't roll that much wants for her ex, so I think they wouldn't have lasted that much longer anyway.