Monday, November 22, 2010

Wagtmans 1 - Summer 2017

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The Wagtmans Family
Harry is 48, Mairi is 47, Camden is 7 and Collin is 6
Narrated by Mairi

As a kid I always looked forward to the summer holiday, but now as an adult it's different. Camden and Collin are too young to be left at home alone, so Harry and I are constantly looking for some one to look after them, or to keep them busy.
We think the boys are a little bit too young to go on vacatoin, so we both took some days off to be with the kids and take them our in SimsVille or Simmeria. They both were huge fans of the swimming pool and kept asking to go there.
I didn't mind at all, they have some things for adulst to have a good time too, so when the kids were having fun with their friends, I took some time for me to sweat some stress off.
I wasn't willing to go to the swimming pool every day, and wanted to do some other things too. So I took them to the newly opened Rock Aquarium, and they both loved it. I don't know what they loved more, all the fishes or having dinner in the aquarium's restaurant.
Harry on the other hand loves to spend time at home. So on his days off, he mostly played with the kids in the garden, which they both loved too. I just think they loved the fact that both their parents were spending so much time with them.
Of course they don't need us all the time. And we weren't also able to be home every day becasue we weren't able to take off all the time. So those days we hired a nanny, and the boys had to find something to do themselves.
 We don't want them to not think of school though. It's been summer break and there is time to play and have fun, but soon they will have to go back to school, so we want them to work a little bit too.
We didn't want to hire a nanny all the time. So when Harry would have a calm day at the firm, he would take the boys with him to work. They would take some toys with them and some books to keep themselfs busy during the day.
At the end of the day Harry would take them down to the restauant to have dinner before going home.
I would have taken them to work with me too, but it's been rather hectic at the office lately. They are thinking about opening another office in Simmeria, and are looking for someone to run it. I have a huge change to be that one, but there's someone else who wants it too. So my boss asked us both the come with plans of what we have in mind of the building we want in Simmeria.
With everything going on at work, and the kids home all day, Harry and I rarely have time to spend together. We spend some time together when the boys are in bed. Since there is a chance that I might run the office in Simmeria, and Harry's job is in Simmeria as well, I want to move there, but Harry really likes the fact that he can leave Simmeria at the end of the day, and come home to the quit SimsVille. I on the other hand would love to live in Simmeria, much more then living in a small town!

Collin really loved going to work with his dad, when Harry left his computer to go to the restaurant, Collin immidiatly took his place.
 I have been working on SimsVille a litte bit lately the last couple of days, and this is how SimsVille Up Hill looks at the moment, I will post some more pictures at N99 soon, but I wanted to give a sneak-peak already. I will be building houses on the empty spaces too, because I don't want it all the be just an open space.

  • When  I started playing this family I didn't think I would enjoy it, I personally think they are one of my more boring families, but I actually had fun with them.
  • To make it a little bit clear, the boys did go to school, it's just that I was thinking about downloading the summer vacation hack, and wanted to see how I would handle it. It was fun, but I'm still not sure about it.
  • To be honest, Mairi will definetly be the one to run the office in Simmeria, but the building isn't finished yet, so that's why she didn't take the kids there. The idea about moving to Simmeria came to me because both their jobs are in Simmeria, but since Harry has family as his secondary aspiration I don't think it would be something he would want to do.
  • So this is the second time I use my SimsVille Avenue Office tower and use it in an update, and I like it :)


  1. Ooh The picture going down the slide is awesome!! The colors in that photo really pop! The aquarium is awesome, I want one for my hood now after yours and Carla. No clue on how you guys do those awesome exhibits though!

    This was such a fun update, the kids going to work with them, the pool, eating out, the sprinkler! Ah, they are such a great family. I like that.

    The office looks great, and your lot looks very neat and organized! Looking forward to seeing how you fill it up!

  2. Oh my gosh, how cute does SimsVille look in that picture? I love it!

    Camden and Collin are adorable. It looks like they had a fun "summer vacation". Good to see their parents didn't get too worn out!

    I considered the summer vacation hack too but here, kids don't really get the whole summer off. This year, for example, we'll be off from December 15 to January 28. So there's never a month when kids have absolutely no school.

  3. I really love your town! It's so cute!

    And please tell me where you got that house (if you built it yourself, kudos, tanja!)

    Thhis family was anything but uninteresting. I'm glad they spend so much time with thieir kids playing, taking them to the aquarium and to resorts.

    wish my parents did that, lol!