Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Birthdays - Summer 2017

In the winter of 2018 2 families will be welcomming a newest addition to their families.
At the Verbon household, Mia and Olaf are anxiously awaiting the birth of their 3rd child. The doctor already confirmded that it will only be one baby this time.

Over at the Terrano Stella is happy to be expecting another child. A sibling for Enya would be great. She's not to happy that the doctor has put her on bedrest.
Kristianne Spits is counting down the days too, her date is next fall. She's enjoying the alone-time she still has with Peter before the new baby arrives.
Fran and Yuan are allready a little bit further. One morning Fran felt her time had come, so they asked her parents to look after George so she and Yuan could go to the hospital.
Unfortunatly this birth wasn't going to go as easy as the first one. Yuan was there the whole time, but really wasn't much of a help.
After hours of resting and walking around the baby was finally ready to come.
Once the baby was ready to come, the rest went pretty smooth. Yuan and Fran were finally able to welcome little Charles Roque in their family. Yuan called the family and they all stopped by to welcome the new baby. George couldn't really understand what was going on, he kept looking from his dad to his mom to the baby, without really understanding that that baby was his little brother.

  • I know the hospitalpictures aren't great, far from actually. I forgot to take some (agian),I know that one day I will be getting the hang of this!
  • I was so hoping for this couple to get a girl, but yet again the game gives me to opposite from what I want.  (By the way Carla, this was the boy that would have been Charlotte if he would have been a girl).
  • As for the babies that are due; I'm so happy they are all just expecting one! Both Olaf and Mia and Kristianne and Peter really don't have the space nor finances to have another set of twins!
  • Kristianne is due for next fall, both Mia and Stella are due for next winter, but since I'm changing to months from then Mia is due for January and Stella for February (this is determind because Mia got pregnant before Stella).


  1. Baby boom in SimsVille! Wow, it's been a long time since I've had that many babies due at the one time.

    Little Charles will be adorable (it looks like he might turn out more like his mother than George did) and I can't wait to meet the other three babies!

  2. A lot of babies coming your way! Your hospital looks great, and Charles is a sweet name. I was thinking the same that he might take after his mother more.