Monday, December 6, 2010

Belio 1 - Summer 2017

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The Belio Family
Bram is 43, Ling is 42, Stephan and Steven are 9
(Jack Penninkmeijer is 22 and Johanna Belio is 19)
Narrated by Ling

Ever since Jo moved to university the relationship between her and us has improved! She comes by occasionally, and even introduced her boyfriend, Jack.
Even though she's at university right now, she still enjoys the toys her dad makes, as does Jack. Whenever they come by, they have some fun in the garden.
Steven and Stephan of course like it a lot when Jack and Jo play with them. Having your big sister and her boyfriend play with you of course is much more fun then just the 2 of them or even their parents.
I love having all my kids together. So when Jo and Jack come by, I usually ask them to stay for dinner.
We try to do a lot with the boys this summer, they are both 9 now, and I keep wondering how long they will allow us to take them somewhere without being ashamed that they are there with their parents.
So we both try to have as much fun as possible with them as we can.
We even took them to a fancy restaurant in SimsVille. The boys were so excited they had to dress up for it, and they had an amazing time!
I had to quit my job, because I'm over 40, and to b honest, I wanted to quit as well. I felt my body didn't couldn't handle it anymore. So now I'm working in the shop. I'm having a hard time with the cash register.
But restocking goes pretty well, and the actual selling things to others I like a lot, and goes pretty well.
I do the shop, since Bram is the one who is really handy and crafts everything. So he mostly stays home, but with the boys home these days, he hardly ever gets around to crafting.
He does get around to fixing small things around the house.
Since I'm out all day, I try to sit the boys down when I come home to have a talk. They tell those silly stories, I know they are going to grow out of it soon, that some kids have already grown out of it, but I still like it.
Since it's almost school again, we want the boys to work on their skills and be a little bit prepared for when school starts again, so most days, before bed they are outside playing chess. They have to take advantage of the good weather, now it's still warm.

  • In the dancingcareer in SimsVille you have to retire by the age of 40, so that's why Ling quited her job. I originally wanted her to find another job, but this seemed much more like her. Writing this I don't think that's in my career-post, I'll have to add it ... 
  • This family had to move yet again, but I decided not to mention it this time, because I don't think they lived in the same house for more then 1 round!
  • As for the holliday, as mentioned in my previous post I don't have the hack installed, but I like to pretend I have :) They boys actually went to school this round, and Steven isn't to doing well at all. Friday afternoon he comes home with an F, social worker comes by, and gives me 24 hours to take better care of the children! It's fridaynight, I can make him work on his grades as much as I like, he's not going to school the next day, and his grades won't get better, so I have to admit I cheated him back to a D with SimPe.
  • Only one more season and I can start round 10!


  1. Yeesh, I would have cheated him back up as well! It's hardly fair to give you only 24 hours to improve the grades when there's not going to be any school in that time!

    The family looked so adorable heading out to their fancy dinner. I love Ling's dress!

    I'm glad Jo's getting along better with her parents now too. Absence makes the heart grow fonder!

  2. the toy store is nice! I like the picture of the whole family dressed up for dinner.

    and the onw where they are playing on the jungle gym -nice job!


  3. Thanks for reading!

    Carla I was so mad when I got that pop up! It's so unfair! And how real is it to take children away because they come home with an F one time!!
    Ling wears the dress pretty well, as usual I don't have a better picture of it.
    I'm glad Jo is getting along better with her parents too, it seems like Jack has a good influence on her.

    Billy Thank you, I had a surprsingly good time playing them.