Monday, November 8, 2010

Gradonni-Tora Wedding - Summer 2017

Gradinni Farm, SimsVille Up Hill
Erik Tora is 24 and Annie Gradonni is 26

For their wedding, Annie and Erik decided to have it in the backyard of her childhoodhome; Gradonni Farm at SimsVille Up Hill. While the guests were all finding their seats, Annie kept her distance to overlook everything.

Soon enough it was time for her and Erik to exchange their vows.
And of course seal them with a kiss.
After cake, Kürt showed how proud he was, by giving a toast especially for her.

And here come the weddingpictures:
The happy couple, Mister and Misses Tora.
Erik and Annie with her parents, Kürt and Debbie.
Annie with her bridesmaides, her sister Abby, and best friend, Sya Mishoen.
 And Erik with his groomsman, Reinout Krielman, and Dirk Oltmans.


  • I had fun doing this wedding, and I don't think it shows enough in this update, but as usual I didn't take enough picutes to show the complete thing! I don't know how you guys do it, take so many pictures, but I never seem to be able to.
  • There was cake, they ate cake, all of them, but I wasn't able to take a good picture of it. There was always something or someone in the way, and it never looked good, that's the reason why there aren't any pictuctures of that part of the wedding.
  • I realise that you can't see Kürt himself in the last picture, the one with the toast, but he really did intiate the whole toast. He's somewhere in the crowd.
  • One thing I'm really happy about, are the posed pictures! I think I did a pretty good job with them, especially since I don't like doing this kind of things, especially not with so many sims on one lot, and I don't do it that often. I did forget however to take a picture of the whole weddingparty, but I do like them :)


  1. I just began to read your blog and I like it. I tend to take too many pictures and have to delete tons before I post on my blog. Great job on the wedding.

  2. Aw, what a gorgeous wedding! I love how the bridesmaid dresses match the flowers on Annie's veil. And I just noticed Erik's vest matches too. Very nice! Seriously, I love it all.

    I'm the same as Bernz - I take too many pictures and then have to pare down! But I've always taken a lot of pictures, even pre-blogging, so I'm used to playing that way now.

  3. Very nice wedding! I really liked the blues and the bridesmaid dresses were very unique. I think my favorite dress is Debbie's though, beautiful! That was also my favorite posed photo of the group, Annie looks so sweet with Erik's arms around her.

    As for photographing these big events, I definitely move_objects anyone in my way, otherwise it would be impossible.

  4. Cute! I have those bridesmaid dresses in my game and I'm obsessed.

    You had enough pictures, don't worry! I love the one with erik and his groomsmen.

    Annie is a beauitful bride. Can't wait to see these two have kids!

  5. Bernz Thank you for following and welcome to SimsVille :)
    I always think I take a lot of pictures, but when I'm writing the update, I find out that I haven't, and I'm just too lazy to go back :)

    Carla The colortheme was blue :) so everything had to match, I can be kind of a freak about those kind of things.
    I never take too many pictures, as I commented to Bernz I always think I have enough pictures :)

    Maisie I think Debby looks very good in her formalwear, and she really is a proud mother.
    Erik and Annie really are a very cute couple in general.

    Thanks for the tip about the move_objects, I can't believe I never thought of it myself, especially since I use it all the time for those posed pictures.

    Bbop I think those dresses are Maxis, I'm not sure though, can be from the store too.
    Thank you, it turned out pretty good :)

    I can't wait to see their children either, we'll see when one of them rolls the want to have a child.