Monday, November 15, 2010

Penninkmeijer 1 - Summer 2017

The Penninkmeijer Family
Frederik is 62, Bianca is 57, Dirk is 29, Catherine is 27, Gabriëlle and Laura are both 15, Morgan is 11
`Narrated by Dirk

We have been living with Catherine's parents for some years now, and it's been quite nice to far. I have to admit, sometimes we go out just to get away from all the fuss at home.
But what else but fuss can you expect in a house full of familymembers, and other dropping by all the time. Cahterine's 3 youngest siblings still live at home, and the other 2 come by a lot.
And with teens in the house there is always a lot of drama going on! One just broke up with her boyfriend, the other one isn't happy that she still hasn't found a boyfriend, and the other one isn't pleased with the fact that he's not allowed to date yet, because he's too young! Since the boy who got dumped is his best friend, he has a pretty good agruement in those discussions.
The tention at home has been kind of strange, especially because the boy who got dumped by Laura is Morgan's best friend. So he comes around quite a lot to hang out with Morgan and Laura isn't to happy about that.
Laura and Gabriëlle aren't too happy either, that they have to take their little brother with them every time they go out. I can understand it can't be fun to have to take your little bother with you al the time. And with summerbreak just around the corner, they are all looking for things to do.
Cathering really is thriving. She's one of those really rare sims that like to pay bills, only because she knows she made the money to pay for them.
She enjoys her work, and is getting more and more responsabilities, which makes her even more confident, and certain that she's doing the right thing.
Recently she even was asked to interview some one who apllied for a job at the office. She enjoys doing those kind of things, where she has all the responsabililty and can make the decisions.
 Her big dream is to be just like her dad some day; head of the office, and being able to go to work by helicopter!
Her dad surpised her one day by telling her that he was going to take a step back, and that he and the board desided that she could take over. Since her dad can be such a snob with idea's like women need to stay home and look after the kids, Catherine was excited about this news.
Personally I think she's amazing, and I want to spend the rest of my life with her, so I asked her to marry me. I could see she was a little bit surprised, we never actually talked about it, but I always assumed that we one day would get married. Anyway she said yes! We are going to take thins slow though. I know her mother would love to see it different, but it's all supposed to be what we want!
To celebrate these to events; Catherine's promotion, and our engagement, we went out for donner with her parents. They both were really happy about it. Since Catherine is their second child to make a decision like this, Bianca wasn't too disappointed that we would going to take things slow.
When we arrived back home that night, we saw that the young ones desided to give a party for practically their whole school! I don't know what I would have done in this kind of situation, maybe party along, but Bianca and Frederik sent everybody home, and sent their three youngest children to bed.
They didn't clean up one thing though, and Gabriëlle, Laura and Morgan were given the task to clean up the garden the next day. It was pouring and they were nagging, but Bianca was persistent, and they cleaned it all up.
Since it's summer, we are all trying the enjoy the garden a lot more these days. Catherine brought in some money, when she was able to sign a huge deal with another company, and we were able to put in a pool. Which everybody is loving so far.
We were also able to do some other adjustments in the garden, and even Catherine is enjoying them.

I wanted to put in some extra pictures of the party, since this time I did take more than the one in the update, but since Dirk wasn't at home, I couldn't let him tell too much about it.
Matthew Zanobi got over his break-up with Laura pretty good, and danced with almost every gril, here he's dancing with Ellie Roque.
Lovers, Tina Mishoen and Niels Bleek, desided to spend some time together on the host's couch, and played games all night!
There was also a bonfire next to the terrace. New girls; Margot and Melissa Mertens, spend most of the night there with Benny Min and Gabriëlle Penninkmeijer.
Everbody who was invited came, and had a great time. The beer went pretty well, even with the younger ones.
Benny Min and Matthew Zanobi even started fighting over a girl.
Apparently Matthew won the fight and got the girl; Melina Mokara.

  • Sorry this update is so long, there was a lot happening in this one and it all needed to be said :)
  • About the engagement, neither of them, Dirk nor Catherine, rolled the want to get engaged or married, but they have been together for more than 4 years now, and I thought it was time. The reason they are taking it slow is because I already have 2 other wedding that I haven't planned yet, I'll let you know as soon as I know :)
  • About Catherine's promotion, I never planned for her to get to the top this soon, but it was because of a chance card, one option was promotion, and the other was getting fired, at least that's what I thought. Since she works for her dad, I thought it would be really strange if she got fires, so I went for the other option. This of course meant that I had 2 sims at the top of the business career, and that's why Frederik is stepping back, in other words retiring.
  • About the fight at the party, I think it was the beer talking, because I really have no idea why those 2 would have started a fight otherwise. Matthew was flirting with Melina and all of a sudden, Benny attacks him, which is strange since Benny has no romantic relationship with Melina what so ever.
  • I'm aware that not every one made it into this update, but on one hand it seemed like nothing was happening this round, so I had to throw in a party, something I never do, and on the other hand the update is so long that it seems like there was a lot to tell. Well maybe about some sims, but not about everybody, anyway they were all there!


  1. Congratulations to Dirk and Catherine! I totally understand putting off the wedding for your own purposes, rather than the Sims'! I made a decision like that recently, though I can't say too much. ;)

    I love that Catherine is doing so well at work at such a young age. Sometimes I get annoyed at my Sims reaching the top of the career too young but in a case like Catherine's, it makes sense seeing she's taking over from her dad. And you know, some people just get really successful really young!

    Love the teens and their party too, although their parents obviously didn't! What a handful they must be!

  2. Wow, a lot going on here! :) The party looked like fun, I'm glad you put in the extra pictures at the end. And congratulations to Catherine on her promotion and her and Dirk on their engagement!

  3. Oooh I'm excited for Dirk and Catherine! I'm sure their wedding will be great once they have it!

    I think it's great that she's just flown to the top. I agree with Carla, I think it's more realistic with her Dad being the head boss. It makes sense that she would get to take over and he could retire.

    Party and bonfire looked great. I love the lighting from the bonfire.