Saturday, January 2, 2010

Zang/de Groot wedding - Spring 2012

Up Hill Parc - SimsVille Up Hill
Spring 2012
After the familygathering at Xiang and Tika's wedding last winter, it now is time to gather the whole family together again. This time for the wedding of Xun Zang and Tosca de Groot.
They desided not to get married at a church, but to enjoy the lovely springweather, and have a wedding outside. Up Hill Parc seemed like the perfect location, with all the nice spots for pictures.
It really looks good, in front of the lake. The bride also looks amazing. For this special occasion, she wore the Zang-familyjewelry. This jewelry has been a heirloom for some time now, and has been worn by Yena mostly, but for this occasion she was happy to give them to her new daughter-in-law.
Although Tao wasn't too happy about having to close the shop, he came to the wedding, realizing that his son does most of the work with the customers. Yuan was also there, and to everybody's surprise he brought a 'date'; Françoise Roque. Xiang and his wife, Tika, were also there, and of course mother of the family, Yena, couldn't be missed.
They arranged to have food served at the parc, wich the family enjoyed together. There were also lots of toast the newly-weds.
Afther eating and toasting, it was time to take the pictures. The weddingpicture of the bride and groom.
And also a picture of the whole wedding-party. From left to right: Yuan, Françoise, Yena, Xun, Tosca, Tao, Xiang and Tika.

Note: I know Françoise is still a teenager and Yuan is an adult, but they used to date when they were both teens, and I think they look cute together. By the way, Franoise is 17 and will be 18 soon, and there was no way, I would have let Yuan take his mistress to the wedding! Since Xun is needed in the shop, Xun and Tosca won't have a honeymoon. Xun really does everything in the shop. I know it sounds sad, but there also is the issue with money of course, and they simply don't have a lot of money to go on a honeymoon and craft robots at the same time.


  1. Are they both teens? They look like they're the same height.

    Unless you've joined the legions of us playing with StretchSkeleton, LOL!

    Francoise was a very pretty bride. I love her simple dress.

  2. Actually he's an adult and she's a teen. I think I might have put her higher with one of those OMSPs, but I'm not sure about that anymore ...

  3. Francoise was a beautiful bride!

    I really enjoyed reading that, your wedding pictures were great and the portraits were set up really well.

  4. Xun and Tosca looked quite lovely together. It looked like a very nice wedding.