Friday, January 8, 2010

Roque 1 - Spring 2012

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The Roque Family
Gunnar is 51, Frieda is 49, Françoise is 17 and Eleanora is 7
Françoise: Almost 18! I can't wait! I'm aleraedy planning what I'm going to do when I finally turn 18. Every day I have another idea, so those plans keer changing.
One thing that isn't going to change though is my love for the color pink. Mom and dad told me that I could redo my bedroom, change the color and things like that, but that's not going to happen; some changes, yes, but change the color, I don't think so. Another thing that isn't going to change also is my love for Yuan. Some time ago he took me to his brother's wedding, so I think that he still loves me too.
Mom is still working on part 2 of her Franelle-series. When I go to school she at the computer, and when I come back home, she's still there. I don't understand it. She used to have lots of friends, and she used to love to go with dad and open the café. But lately she seems stuck to that computer, and when dad wants to open the café, she always finds an excuse not to go.
So dad tries to amuse himself at home, but I know he's getting tired of being stuck in the house. If I were mom I would know what to do. There would be no one keeping me inside the house when there is so much going on outside. I can't wait to go with dad to open the café!
But mom has me staying at home too. I don't know why, she never told me, but I overheard a conversation between mom and dad, and mom told that altough she know's I'm almost 18, she still thinks I'm too young to help run the café. I got so furious when I heard that, I didn't stay to hear dad's reply, but since I'm still at home I gues it didn't change a thing! There is nothing here for me to do. Mom's always on the computer, so I can't do something on it, and that's all there is to do, so I'm make snowangels, although it's already spring!
Of course there is always Ellie, but an age-difference of 10 years is hard to overcome. I mean she's sweet and all, but she's 7! What is there I can do with her, play with her dollhouse?? She's always busy with school anyway. Don't know why, it never got me anywhere!
Finally, my 18th birthday! The day I have been waiting for for, well 18 years! The day I can do whatever I want without having to justify my actions to anyone!
The fist thing I did was invite Yuan over, so we could pick where we had left off years ago! And we hit if off right away!
I don't know what I expected the next morning, I know mom and dad heard some noise comming from my room. I figured mom would say something about it, and dad would ignore it, but I didn't expect to fnd mom at the breakfasttable in her underwear! She invited Yuan and me the join her, and she talked all the time! I don't know for who is was more embarrasing, but we got through breakfast.
After breakfast mom got dressed and went back to her book, and Yuan left for his work. Since I don't have a job, and I'm not planning on looking for one, after all I've got the café, I desided to go shopping. I needed some jewlery so I went to the Town Square.
I bumped into Yuan's mother there, and we started talking. It wasn't the first time I met her, I met her at the wedding too, but then we didn't have the time to talk. We actually get along really well. She's happy to see her son happy, and to see him settle down.
Dad agreed to wait another year before taking me to the café with him. I wasn't too happy with dad desicion, but I seems like it was the only way to persuade mom. Since mom doesn't want to go to the café anymore, and dad needs some one behind the bar, he stays home too. He brings home colleagues from work almost every day, and when day leave, he plays with Ellie or spends some time with me, or goes drumming.
Since I have to wait another year before I can help dad, and I don't plan on looking for a job in the mean time, I spend most of my time outdoors, alone or with Elisa or Yuan. Yuan has been great, I was a little bit afraid that he would have found some one else, but he still loves me! We go out almost every night!
I don't want to bring him home every night, and his home is always so busy, so we need to be ceative at times, but we always find places where we can be together, even if it's in the car!
Only 1 year, and then I can go with dad to the café. It's not that I'm eager to help him, I just want to go there, be around other sims, meet new sims. Only 1 year and it can start!

Note: I know it's a long update, the longest I ever written I think, but when I started writing, there was just so much Fran wanted to tell, and I couldn't stop!


  1. I think it was a great update! Definitely couldn't tell it was "long" it just breezed by.

    Poor Fran being stuck at home when all she wants is to get out and meet people and go to the cafe.

    I hope her mom gets the writing done soon, sounds like she's neglecting a lot of relationships to get up. AND WOW on the bra at the breakfast table. Talk about jaw drop embarrassing!

  2. No, it didn't seem long to me either!

    Goodness, what an awkward breakfast! LOL, I had to laugh at her mum sitting their in her bra and undies. It doesn't seem to bother Yuan!

  3. Fran is great to read about. I didn't even mind that it was long, either.

    Ellie and her dad dancing was cute, though I think her parents should lighten up a little about letting Fran work at the cafe.

    And what's making her mom stay home? And eat breakfast at the table nearly naked? LOL that was cute.

  4. I had fun, writing this entry. Fran was the perfect person to tell it all!

    And the breakfast in underwear, well I just couldn't leave it out.

    @ Carla, I think Yuan is the kind of guy who's isn't bothered by anything as long as he get the fun out of everything! He and Frieda get along really well, they sat there long after breakfast was over.