Saturday, January 16, 2010

Birthdays - Summer 2012

Yet another birthday this summer. The Wagmans family is preparing to say goodbey to their calm days. With one toddler in the house it was already hectic.
But now it's time to celebrate Collin's first birthday, and this is an announcement to some more hectic days!
See here; the 2 troublemakers! Collin and Camden. From this distance you can't see it clearly, but they actually don't look much alike dispite for their blond hair. Collin has green eyes like his mother, and Camden has the eyes of his fahter's bleu eyes, their faces are different too, and their noses too. It's funny how 2 brother can be so much alike and yet not so much.

For the next announcement we visit the Spits household again.
When Richard left for work, Kristianne desided to take a nice bubblebath.
Since it didn't feel as comfortable as she wanted she didn't stay in it too long. Instead she went to the livingroom to read a book. She never got to reading the book, because her time had come.
Soon she welcomed a baby-girl into the family, Anabel.
Anabel was soon followed by her brother, Anthony.
Both kids have black hair, but Anabel has brown eyes and Anthony has blue eyes.
This is a nice time to mention that Kristianne and Richard also got married. There was no big ceremony, they just did it in the livingroom.

Note: genetics can be so mistirious in sims 2! While Mia (Jason's sister) has black hair, her 2 girls have brown hair, like Mia's husband, Olaf, and Mia's mother, Marie. Jason on the other hand has brown hair, but his 2 kids are born with black hair, like Jason's grandparents; Jonas and Eve.

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  1. I just love genetics in TS2. So much fun.

    And I love your new blog layout! Really like your banner and the new colours you've chosen. :)