Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Mishoen 1 - Summer 2012

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The Mishoen Family
Goofy is 47, Fen is 50 and Tina is 11
Fen: So my son got married. We weren't invited, but then again he didn't even invite Tika, his best friend, I don't mind anyway. It just made me think about the fact that there is a chance he's going to make me a grandma really soon, and I don't want that, I'm too young to become a grandma. My sister, Nuan, is thrilled about Tika being pregnant, but I'm not looking forward to it.
But these are worries for later, right now I have to worry about the teenager in my house. Tina is 11 now, and she does whatever she pleases. Goofy and I were never the parents to tell our daughter what to do, but ever since Nio has moved out, she has gone wild!
She refuses to do her homework, something Nio used to help her with, and Goofy and I don't feel like helping. She's old enough to do it herself without any help, we were never good in school anyway, so I don't think we would be much help. So we just let her be, as long as she doesn't get kicked off school, it's fine by me.
I haven't felt like opening the gym lately, so I spend my days at home, it 's not like we need the money, so that's fine. I go running, even though I don't open the gym, I still have to look good, it won't be much of publicity if the gym-owner is fat!
In the afternoons I don't do a thing! When the weather is good I just go sunbathing, and when the weather is bad, I spend my days in the gym we have in our house.
Tina goes out a lot. Last weekend she went to the beach with one of her friends, Laura Penninkmeijer.
I gave them some money, so they could have a lunch too. I think they had a great time. When Tika got home, she couldn't stop talking about it, wich is strange for her, because she hasn't said a lot lately!
When Tika was out, Goofy and I finally had some time together. He grilled some hot dogs, and we had a nice candlelight-dinner.
Afterwards we took a dip in the hot tub. I never thought I would settle with one guy, and never wanting another, but Goofy really makes me happy. Maybe it's because we understand eachother, becasue we are so much a like.

Note: I know Tina is only 11 years old, and that really is young to go to the beach all by yourself, but Fen never was the maternal type, so I figured that she really doesn't mind as long as her kids stays out of trouble.


  1. Funny that Fen doesn't want to be a grandma. I can understand though with Tina at home still, she's still in that phase of her life. Looks like Fen has it pretty easy with the sunbatheing and hot tub.

  2. LOL Fen!

    Their house is awesome!

    I wish I had Fen's life! This update reminded me I seriously need a tan, actually.

    And I was running around everywhere by 11, and Tina doesn't seem like that much of a troublemaker, as long as she gets her homework done!