Monday, January 18, 2010

Terrano/Mishoen wedding - Summer 2012

Town Square City Hall - SimsVille
Summer 2012
One night in the summer of 2012, Nio and Stella desided to head to the City Hall to get married.
The couple didn't invite any family over. Stella doesn't have family, and Nio isn't too close with his. They exchanged their vows...
...and greeted their public as Mr. and Mrs. Terrano for the very fist time.
When they got back home the cab to take them on their honeymoon was already waiting to take them to Takemizu Village. They checked in in the best hotel.
Only to check out the next day, and go back home.

Note: their honeymoon was a disaster! On the excursion, they made a wrong desision and they came back, both in a lousy mood! To make things even worse there was a huge storm. So when Stella tried to walk back to their room, she got struck by lightning, and got in an even crapier mood. I desided to give it another try, and gotten their moods back up. They went to bed, but the next day it was still raining, and their still was lightning. I waited a couple of hours, but then desided that this was it, and let them go back home. Maybe later they try it again!


  1. What a bummer for Nio and Stella! Sounds like a bum honeymoon, at least they will have a story to laugh about when they are older.

  2. Oh, what a disastrous honeymoon! I hope they get to do Take 2 one day.