Saturday, January 23, 2010

Mishoen 2 - Summer 2012

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The Mishoen Family
Marc is 59, Nuan is 54, Xiang is 29 and Tika is 28 (Sya is 20)
Nuan: My elder-birthday has passed, and so I took some time to reflect on my life. Especially my life ever since we moved to SimsVille. And when I look back, I can't find one thing to regret.
When we first moved here, it was Marc and me with the 1-year-old Tika, and now our little Tika is a married woman, and expecting her first child. My first grandchild, I'm so happy, and I can hardly wait for the day I can hold my first grandchild!
Since I'm talking about Tika, and have to say that I like her husband. I still remember the first time I ever saw him, comming out of Tika's room in his underwear! First I though he was a player, and didn't take life seriously, but I had to take another point of view because he really is a hard worker! Never misses a day at work, and constantly busy getting a new promotion, but always has time for Tika.
Tika was followed by our second daughter 7 years later. Aah, Sya, the smart one, the one who wants to know everything there is to know in life. She currently is in her 3rd year at university. She's studying mathematics, and there is no doubt in my mind that she will do perfect! She recently told us she likes girls instead of boys and that she has a girlfriend.
And then of course there is Marc, my husband. Lately we have been growing apart a little bit, but ever since Tika told us she was pregnant it seemed like we found something new to talk about. I might say it brought us back closer together.
When we sit together at night, it makes me miss my parents a lot. It also makes me think about my sister, wich I hardly have any contact with. I think I should do something about that.
So looking back on my life, I think I did pretty well so far, I have a wonderfull family, and nice house, and a good running business. And I'm only 55, who knows what life is going to bring me!

Note: This may be a lousy update, but despite Nuan's birthday, nothing happened this round! So I took Nuan's birthday as a startingpoint and headed from there, it could be worse I guess :-p


  1. I hope Nuan takes the time to get in touch with her sister. New babies are the perfect excuse to call up long lost relations!

    I'm very excited about Tika's baby and what she will have and name it.

    That's great that the new baby is also bringing Nuan and Marc closer together again.

  2. Well, Nuan is at that time in her life where she might start reflecting on old memories, so this was kind of sweet!

    Can't wait to see Tika's baby!