Sunday, January 24, 2010

Birthdays - Fall 2012

This fall it's time for the Mishoen family to welcome a new member.
One morning after breakfast, when there was of course no one else in the room but the maid, Tika felt it was time.
So when the maid was freaking out, Nuan came running in, just in time to see the birth of her 1st grandchild! Welcome to SimsVille Lewis Mishoen!

So it's fall, and fall means the start of a new schoolyear. Let me first tell you that our 4 students at university; Catherine Penninkmeijer, Sya Mishoen and Abby and Annie Gradonni, succesfully finished their 3rd year. And now it's time to introduce the new students, if everything goes well they will be graduating in the summer of 2015.
Elissa de Leeuw - Biology
Lawrence Penninkmeijer - Drama
Jack Penninkmeijer - Literture

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