Sunday, May 4, 2014

Zang - July 2025

Toa and Yena's last update/Xiang and boys' last update/Next update

The Zang Family
Tao is 71, Yena is 67, Xiang is 42, Lewis is 12, Joshua is 8 and Michael is 7
(Anthony Spits, Anabel Spits and Sam Mokara are 12)
Narrated by Lewis

 I have to say that I thought summervacation would be different not that I've started high school, but in fact I've been bound to the house with my little brothers.
Grandma loves having us around, and both her and grandpa have been doing their very best to give us all a nice vacation.
And I do think that Michael and Joshua love everything they did.
Since their is a nice age difference between me and my brothers, I'm allowed to ask some one over.
Having Sam over has made being stuck to the house a little bit more bareable.
It's not that I'm stuck to the houe all the time, I'm allowed to go out sometimes, but I have to stay in SimsVille. So I go down to the hang out across the street from mom's.
Sam lives next door to it, so he's there most of the time as well. But Anthony lives all the way in Simmeria, and he isn't allowed to come here every time.
Anthony's sister, Anabel, comes along with him most of the time. I never paid much attention to her in the past, but recently we got talking.
We get along pretty well, and I wonder why I never paid attention to her before.
Sometimes when there's a 'campfire', I'm allowed to stay there longer than usual, so it's not that bad all the time.
Grandma really does her best to make sure we don't get bored, she takes us to the beach quite a lot.
The thing is that I really don't mind building a sandcastle with my brothers, it's actually quite fun.
But I get bored so fast, that I quickly find something else to do. And if I have to choose between spending time with my grandmother and brothers and playing videogames, the choice is rather easy.
 Dad is always busy with his work. It was like that when he and mom were still together, and it's still the same.
But unlike when he still lived with us, he did take some days off to spend time with us. He took us to the outdoor pool in Simmeria, where he had quite a lot of fun.
But he wasn't the only one. I'm sure both Michael and Joshua wouldn't mind, if mom or dad would build a pool in their backyard!
Even though Anabel and Anthony live very close to the pool, I was surprised to meet Anabel there. But it was a very nice surprise.
We spend a very lovely afternoon in the hot tub, just chatting.
On one of his days off, dad took me to the gym. He figures that now that he's single again, he needs to start working on himself, starting with his body.
He didn't feel like going alone, and so he asked me to come along. I figured that it couldn't hurt, and it was nice; some time just for me and dad.
Despite the fact that dad is constantly working, grandma insists on having a familydinner almost every night, and dad needs to be present.
 I still think it's strange that mom and dad aren't together anymore, but I like being able to spend time with both sets of grandparents.

I wanted a picture of Xiang and his son, so this is what I took :)
And one of the boys alone.

  • I figured that Lewis wouldn't be too happy about spending his summervacation is his 4 year younger brothers, so I let him nag about it bit :)
    I also think that Simmeria, which is a 15 minute drive from SimsVille, is a little bit too far away for Lewis to travell every day. Anabel and Anthony are the same age and are allowed to go down to SimsVille a few days a week.
  • I know we haven't seen a lot of Tao and Xiang and Yena in this update, but they were I promisse you! I just don't think a teen tell much about his parents' or grandparents' lifes.


  1. I still can't believe that this family broke up, I remember when Lewis was born, I never suspected that one day they'd be divorced. Poor Lewis, stuck with his Grandparents all summer long, but it looks like he was well entertained, every day can't be a party after all! Anabel is adorable, I think they make a cute young couple. And I'm glad that his Dad is more present since the divorce.

  2. Nice that the boys are able to spend time during their vacation with their dad and grandparents despite their parents divorce. Lewis sounds like a typical teenager wanting to feel independent, but needing his family too. Looks like Lewis might have a slight crush on Anabel as well?

    I like the fun pictures added at the end.:)

  3. I keep forgetting Lewis is a teen - he's still a toddler in my mind, lol! I'm glad Lewis had Anabel to make his summer afternoons a little bit brighter. I think they'd be a nice couple. ;) Maybe not right now, as they're still very young but I see plenty of potential!

    That's awesome that Xiang is a more involved dad now. It could easily have gone the other way but I'm glad he's decided to step up instead. :)

  4. Maisie I have to say that I still can't believe it myself, and I had more time to adjust to the idea, since I rolled my ROS way before I actually played it. In a way it fit Xiang I think, he's a romance-sim after all, but still hard to believe he and Tika broke up.
    Personally I don't think his grandparents are the worst, but I don't think a teen would agree with me. I like Anabel, she's a cute one, and I can't wait to see more from her, even though she's a playable NPC.
    Xiang now had days/weeks without his kids, so he can focus on his work during those days/weeks, that way he can be more of a dad when they are with him.

    Thanks for reading!

    Serinsims I didn't want to play Xiang by his own, and since his parents were living with Xiang's brother, who has 5 kids, I moved them in with Xiang. The boys spend some time with their dad and with their mom, so they have nice amounts of time with each parent, the perk is the grandparents :)
    I'm glad I was able to portrait Lewis as a typical teen :) the age difference with his brothers isn't helpen much either, he sees them really as babies at the moment.

    I'm glad you liked the pictures.

    Thanks for reading!

    Carla I'm having trouble believing Lewis is a teen as well, even though I've played him now it's still a bit unreal.
    I like Lewis and Anabel together as well, we'll see where they're heading, if they want to date, I'm not going to stop them anyway! :)

    Now that he has the kids only part time I figured Xiang could work hard when they are not with him, and spend more time with them when they are with him.

    Thanks for reading!