Thursday, May 29, 2014

SVU B - September 2025

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SimsVille University
Lars Mertens is 20 and Morgan Penninkmeijer is 19
(Frederik Penninkmeijer is 71, Bianca Penninkmeijer is 66, Tina Mishoen is 25 and Marlys Zanobi is 17)
Narrated by Morgan

When I first stared college, I couldn't wait for Marlys to join me. We spend as much time together as possible. She came down to college to study together.
Or just take a break from everything with a coffee at the library.
Sometimes I go to SimsVille to see her practice her ice skating. At time she even gets me on the ice with her.
Afterwards we just sat and talked some, about everything actually.
But then I met Erica, she in college as well, and she even lives in the same dorm, so we end up bumping into one another quite a lot. At first there was nothing.
But then, one day, we ended up in the hot tub together, and one thing led to another.
Somehow I forgot all about Marlys that moment, and all I could think about was Erica.
After that day I avoided Marlys as much as I could. I focussed on other things. Thank god I had a pretty big project, that needed almost all of my attention.
I had to meet with my projectpartner quite a lot, and there simply wasn't enough time to meet up with Marlys.
I think she knew something was wrong, because one day she just came over to see me, to find out what was wrong.
I couldn't lie to her, and just told her. She looked so shocked and hurt, and there was nothing I could do, because it was all my fault.
She started crying, said she didn't want to see me anymore, and just left without saying anything else.
Mom and dad came by a few days later, and I told them about the break up, but not the whole story. They both liked Marlys, and mom was surprised about it, dad just said it as part of growing up.
I could tell mom wanted to know more about it, but she just changed the subject, and that was it.
I know Lars thinks I was stupid to tell Marlys about what happened. He has several girlfriends, all at the same time.
 He goes out with all of them, so it's not like he's hiding his actions from the world, they just don't seem to know.
Which I actually doubt, because when he's out with one of them, he always seems to catch the attention of another one.
There's one, Tina, who refuses to come down to the dorm, but Lars doesn't seem to mind that at all.
Lars is always in for a good night out, wheather it's with his friends or one of his girlfriends.
It's impossible to keep up with all his girlfriends. He seems to have one for every day, but maybe it just seems that way. All I know is that they don't know about one anohter or they at least don't care about it.
With all those girls, I still think it's amazing he got this far in college without getting put on probation. I keep wondering where he finds the time to do something for his studies. All I know is that I'm going to keep away from girls for now.

  • Morgan and Erica did all those things on their own! I didn't expect not wanted him to cheat on Marlys, my plan was to see how they managed when she came to college as well, but he decided otherwise. He didn't seem like the kind of guy to not tell, so I had him confess to Marlys. Next year will be interesting since Marlys will be in the same dorm as Morgan.
  • Lars is still seeing Tina occasionally, but he's seeing many others as well. The 2 blond girls, are dormies who's names I forgot. I don't know how things will go between Lars and any of his girls, but we'll see, I'm not going to stop him.
  • Both boys did study this semester, and their grades qualified to go to pass this year. Both boys will stay in the dorm, and will be joined by Marlys and Steven. They might move to another dorm, since I want to give this one a make over, but I haven't got another one at the moment, so we'll see if I first find the inspiration to build another one :)


  1. Yes, it takes a commitment to build a dorm, that's for sure. I am not so sure about Lars with all t these girlfriends! By the way, the library looks amazing.

  2. Poor Marlys, but they are young and in college, so it's no surprise Morgan is into someone new. Lars sounds like a player. I wonder what will happen with him having so many relationships if jealously will come into play of those girls find out.

  3. Poor Marlys. :( I guess it says something good about Morgan that he confessed, rather than letting things go on behind her back but cheating in the first place doesn't make me think too highly of him at the moment. Do you think Morgan will try to win Marlys back or make a go of things with Erica?

    As for Lars...well, even if the girls don't know about each other, at least he hasn't made any specific commitments to any of them. They might not want anything serious either.

  4. Aww at first I thought it was so sweet seeing him spending time with Marlys, I'm glad that he was honest with her, and they are young, so break ups are common, but she did look pretty shocked and saddened. Erica is adorable though, I wonder if they will make it, or if it's just a temporary thing. I'm not surprised about Lars, he like hes to get out there, but they aren't the same type of guys ether, to not tell Marlys, that wouldn't make sense.

    Good luck finding a dorm and updating the current one, it's probably my least favorite thing to build ever.

  5. Shannon the thing is that I know what I want to do with this one, well parts of it, but I have no inspiration to build a new one, so I'll have to wait :/
    I didn't build the library myself, but I did redecorate it, glad you like it :)

    Thanks for reading!

    Serinsims I felt bad for Marlys as well, but it didn't feel right having Morgan not telling her.
    Lars is a player, but I like him for it, it's so different from what I normally play. I know at least one of his girlfriends is a romance sims herself and wouldn't mind at all of she knew. But I sometimes wonder as well what will happen :)

    Thanks for reading!

    Carla I was surprised at Morgan, doing what he did, he did that all on his own with Erica! But I didn't see him as the kind of guy to not tell something like that... so I had to hurt Marlys :/ I'm wondering what he will and Marlys will do when she moves in to the dorm as well, I'm very much looking forward at playing them next round!
    I, for one, wasn't planning on letting him start something with Erica, I didn't plan on adding her to my regular playables of playable NPC's, but if he decided he wants to go further with Erica, I'm not going to stop him.

    Lars goes out, and woohoos with all these girls, but he isn't in a relationship with any of them, which suits him perfectly :)

    Thanks for reading!

    Maisie I think Morgan feels really bad about what he has done, and I don't see him as the kind of guy to just live with the guilt without doing something about it. I felt really bad for Marlys, but it's like you say break ups are common.
    I like Erica as well, even though I didn't intend any of it, and I'm still not intending her to become a playable, but if Morgan takes it further with her, I'm just going to let them.
    He didn't do anything with Erica after he broke up with Marlys, and he didn't have wants for either of them, so we'll have to wait for next round to see what will happen.

    Morgan and Lars get along very well, but they are different type of guys. Lars isn't looking for commitment at all, and Morgan had been serious with Marlys for years.

    I still have no idea what I want for another dorm, but I have plenty of ideas for this one, so I hope to get inspired soon!

    Thanks for reading!