Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Rai - July 2025

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The Rai Family
Cole is 34 and Madeleine is 26
(Larissa de Leeuw and Magdalena Brems are 67, Berend Lillig is 65, Yuan Zang is 35, David Brems is 34, Harald de Leeuw is 33, Fran├žoise and Elisa de Leeuw are 30)
Narrated by Madeleine
Last month Cole and I finally went on out honeymoon. It might be silly, since we went there numerous times before, but we decided to go to the Ardens.
Dad has a house in the Ardens, and we are more than welcome to stay there, but we decided to treat ourselfs with a stay in one of the finest hotels.
It was a great hotel. It had all the luxeries we could have dreamed of. And some time just to ourselfs.
There was no need to leave the hotel for anything. They had a pool, and you could get a massage as well.
There even was a sauna, only available for the hotelguests.
We didn't go out that much, after all we were familiar with the Ardens, but Cole did arrange a day of birdspotting. It was something different, and I'm glad we did that.
We took some days extra after we got home from our honeymoon, just to spend at home.
The weather has been great, so we were able to enjoy our garden, and our extra days off, were just as great as our days spend at the Ardens.
But all too soon, we both had to go back to work.
Unfortunatly for Cole and I, our hours don't match at all. He works nights, and leaves an hour before I get back home from the station. He spends his day practicing at home.
Since I'm home alone when I get back from work, I try to get some pots crafted for the store.
I don't mind being home alone, but I don't like that I have to go to bed all by myself, without seeing Cole.
Some days after work, I open the store. People are still very interested in handcrafted vases and such, and are still coming to the store.
I wouldn't mind having some help though. It's very tiring after an entire day at the station. But I don't want to hire anybody, at least not just now.
As much as I don't like having to go to bed alone, I can't say no when Cole wants to go out with his brother. It's not like they go out every day anyway.
And on one of those rare days, when both Cole and I were home, we decided to invite our friends over for a barbeque instead of spending a lazy day with just the 2 of us.
They all have kids already, and I always like hearing their stories about their kids. I just can't wait to join them.
It would be so nice if all our kids would play together while we're together.
The day after the barbeque I felt very sick. I even called in sick at work, because I felt so bad.
After a few days of feelingf misserable I finally went to the doctor, who said there was absolutely nothing wrong with me, but that I was pregnant.
We have been trying to get pregnant, but I didn't expect it to happen this soon! Cole was really happy with the news, and is already planning the nurserey.
I felt sad that mom wasn't around, because I though she should be the first to know, but she's still traveling, so we went to Cole's mother and brother first.
I don't know about David, he might feel like he's going to see Cole even less when there's a baby, but Magdalena was really happy for us. She can't wait for the baby to be born.
After telling Cole's mom, we asked my dad and Larissa out for dinner, to tell them the news. Dad loves Elisa's kids, and treats them as his grandchildren, so he was very excited to finally get his own grandchild.
Everybody will still have to wait to meet this baby. According to the doctor I'm not due untill April 2026.

  • Maddie and Cole are married, and she has had the want for a baby for some time now (I locked it of course) that I decided to take them off birth control and let them decide if they wanted to try for a baby. They did, and they were succesfull on their first try.
    Maddie and Cole's baby is due for April 2026, and I'm curious to see who he/she takes after.
  • It's been a while since I've used that specific hotel in the Ardens, but I thought that Maddie and Cole deserved something different for their honeymoon.
  • Maddies mom, Ella, is still on a trip around the world with her husband, Gunnar. I think I'll let them return next round, than they have been on their trip for about 2 of 3 years, and I do think Ella would want to be close to her grandchild once it's born.
  • Cole finally has his own profile page, since he married Maddie he's a regular playable. His momther and brother are still playable NPC's.


  1. Their honeymoon looked lovely, I can understand why she's tired running a store, and working as a police officer, those both take a ton of energy. Is she planning to continue the police work after the baby arrives? I hope that they can get better schedules, but I suppose right now they would barely need a nanny. And as for her surprise on how quickly it took to get pregnant, she must not know that she is in Tanja's land, where fertility overflows! :) Excited for their baby!

  2. Aw, I was wondering if these two would have a baby this round! I'm glad it's happening, although I do hope they can find a way to spend some more time together before they become parents. It'll be a long time before it's just the two of them again! Glad to hear Ella will probably come home for her grandchild's birth though - it makes sense.

    Their honeymoon looked very relaxing, like honeymoons should be. Vacations are always too short though, especially once you get back to work! I think that is the hotel I made over for Sullivan 1.0, way back when. Your pics inspired me to get going with that again, lol.

  3. Crafting and running a store are so tiring, and she is an officer, impressive, energetic woman. It is fun reading about simsville again tanja!

  4. Maisie I think she's going to work part time after the baby arrives, at least in my head she will be working part time, because I want her to continue the shop as well, especially now that she took over from her mother, but we'll see.
    The schedules now work perfectly with a baby, but I do hope they can get some better soon, and see each other some more. The only time they see each other now, is on their day off, when Maddie isn't running the store, and when they went on their honeymoon.
    I can never say no to my sims when they want a baby, or even if I want them to have one, lol.

    Thanks for reading!

    Carla I've thought about letting them wait for another round, but eventually just went witht their wants, and they both wanted a baby :)
    This round they were only able to spend time together when they were on their honeymoon or on their days off, when the store was closed, so I do hope they will be able to spend some more time together as well.
    I see Ella more as the family-type sims than Gunnar, and I can see her wanting to move back now that she's having her 1st grandchild.

    Funny that I inspired you to start you make-over, since you lot tour in Sullivan 1.0 is that one that got me inspired :)

    Thanks for reading!

    Shannon I don't know how long she can handle all this, but she's young, and for now she can still do it all :)

    I'm glad you like SimsVille!

    Thanks for reading!