Monday, May 19, 2014

Belio - August 2025

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The Belio Family
Bram is 51, Ling is 50, Stephan and Steven are 17
(Bea Dawson is 16)
Narrated by Stephan
After the summer Steven and I start our last part of high school. Since adulthood and college are much harder, we begged our parents to let us go on a trip to the Ardens this summer.
Since the trip would be just me and and my brother, we never thought mom and dad would agree, but they did.
I've never been to the Ardens before, to be honest I've never been anywhere before, and it was very nice. We just went camping, and the campground had much to offer.
We've heard that it could get very cold out there, so we where prepared for the worst. But I think we went at a good time, because the temperature was nice, and we could spend every day outside.
We even were able to try out the balancing on a log thing, without freezing to death.
We didn't stay on the campground all the time. We went on a guided tour, and even did some ax throwing on a local market.
Apparently it's tradition for the campers to prepare dinner for the others as well. I really like that tradition, because it made us meet new people.
I think we both really liked the freedom we had. Not that our parents are that strickt, but it still is different when you're not with them all the time.
Back home, I dragged Steven all the way to Simmeria, because I wanted to visit the fire department. I didn't get in to SVU, but don't mind it that much, my dream is to join the fire department.
I wanted to have look around, and see if there were any application- and informationform I could take home.
Before leaving, I insisted on taking a picture in front of the fire truck. I know it's a bit childish, but Steven obliged and took one.
Mom and dad already knew I didn't get in to college, but they didn't know about my dream of becoming a fire fighter. So after our trip to Simmeria I finally told them.
I also told them that I still wanted to work at the store, to help out dad, and to one day take it over.
Dad was really pleased with that news, and immidiatly started teaching me all about crafting toys, which really wasn't what I had planned at all.
We still help out in the store quite a lot. And now that it's summerbreak even more. I like interaction with people, and I'm really looking forward to taking over the store one day.
With dad's lessons and working in the store and preparing for the last part of school, there isn't much time left for my new girl Bea, but I do try to make time for her.
Most of the time she comes over on days that both mom and dad are at work. I don't think they would approve of me taking her up to my bedroom, but she's not complaining.

  • First of all their SAT-scores:
    Stephan: 32
    Steven: 44
    Since you have to have at least a score of 40 to get in to college, Stephan didn't get in at all! Steven made it just barely, but he made it and will be attending SVU next year.
  • Stephan will be joining the fire department when he finishes high school, next year. He will also be crafting toys, and working in the store with his dad, so he can take over the store one day.
  • It's almost a year since Stephan broke up with Emma, and since he's a romance-sim I couldn't see him wait for Mrs. Right to walk by, so he's seeing Bea now. She's townie, who I prentend is a year yoinger than Stephan. I might send her to college, but I'm not making her a playable NPC, not yet anyway. I do like her, so I wouldn't mind if she and Stephan got serious, but for now it's not serious at all.
  • I might change Steven's aspiration, he's a romance-sim, but he barely rolls any wants that are related to his aspiration, so he makes for a pretty bad romance-sim. I'm not sure yet, but I think I'll make him a fortune sim, with romance as his secondary. I think fortune fits more with the idea I have of him in my head.


  1. Working at the fire department AND crafting toys AND working at the store sounds a very, very busy life!

  2. Well, if Stephan isn't going to college, it's wonderful that he's still got a concrete plan for what he wants to do instead. I can see him as a firefighter. Refresh my memory - do you have any other firefighters in SimsVille currently? It's a fun career to play through, with the crazy hours in the lower levels. Maybe it's just me that likes that sort of challenge though!

    And the boys were so lucky to go on that awesome holiday without their parents! Nice way to kick off the school year.

  3. Librarian He's still young and thinks he can do it all, we'll see if he can manage when we see him next round :)

    Thanks for reading!

    Carla With Stephan I have 4 firefighters, but I haven't had an update yet where I played one of them. 2 Of them are playable NPC's; Albert Ooms and Finn Collins, and the other one is Jack Penninkmeijer, who decided to become a firefighter this round after loosing his job.
    I'm very much looking forward to playing and posting about this career :)

    I figured it would be a the last chance in a long time they would have to do something like it, with Steven at college he's going to have his hand full.

    Thanks for readingç

  4. The camping trip up at the Ardens is perfect, how exciting that they could go without their parents. They really do have a busy schedule. Stephan will be busy, maybe he needs to bring a toy workshop to the fire station, then he can get toys built whilst waiting for fires to start.

  5. Maisie That's an idea, a toy workshop at the fire station! I might actually do that, thanks for the idea :)
    Stephan sure is going to be busy, but I'm looking forward to playing him when he's an adult.

    Thanks for reading!