Tuesday, June 3, 2014

SVU C - September 2025

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SimsVille University
Melina Mokara is 21 and Emma Zanobi is 19
(Matthew Mokara is  21, Benny Min and Eleanora Roque are 20, Finn Collins and Joan Willis are 19)
Narrated by Melina

This is my last year, and we're supposed to do a final paper about where we want to specialise in.
We've been spending some time on plants, and it got my interest. So I'm spending a lot of time, it not all of it, at the greenhouse of the science lab.
I think it's very interesting, and I can't wait to work with plants and nature when I graduate.
Unfortunatly the greenhouse at the faculty isn't big, so I still need to do a lot of research on the internet, but reading about it only makes me interested some more.
With Matthew leaving after this school year, I try to make time to see him as well. But I have to admit it's getting harder to do.
I think he felt the same way about it, since we talked about it, and we decided to break up.
We both want to focus on our careers, and with Matthew living somewhere else, and not knowing how long he's going to be away, we both felt like it was the right thing to do.
We still care for eacht other, but I guess it's more as friends thant it is as boyfriend and girlfriend. I really hope he does well in his soccercareer.
To get my mind off the break up, the girls took me on a night out to Bar Le Coin. It's nice to see Ellie, since she moved in with Marcus I don't get to her as much anymore.
I never thought Ellie and Joan would get along, since the way things went between her and Benny, but they do. I don't think they'll ever be best friends, but at least they don't want to kill each other.
I always like going out and hitting the dancefloor. With all the work we now have at college, those outings aren't as frequent as I'd wished.
Some moths ago Emma started seeing some one new, Finn Collins. He lives with his brother and sister in SimsVille and he works as a firefighter in Simmeria.
They ran into each other on the street, and they decided to get a coffee together. One thing lead to another, and now they are dating.
I'm really glad Emma found Finn, they make a very cute couple.
He spends almost all his free time with Emma, when she's not in class or at work.
I was very surprised when Emma told me she found out she's pregnant. That was something I didn't see comming. To my knowledge she didn't have any of the symptoms.
She threw up one morning, but that was after a night out, so neither of us thought more about it.
And she has been feeling tired, and has taken naps in the middle of the day, but she did that before are well.
After all the girl has been combining college, a new boyfriend, and a late night job as a chef, so the naps weren't that strange.
But she missed her period, and so she took a test that turned out positive. She and Finn already talked about it, and they decided to keep the baby, they are even going to try to live together, because Emma can't do it alone with college and her job.
So Finn will be moving in. I've talked to Ellia about it, and asked her if she knew any place I could rent. I know I'm welcome to stay, but I wouldn't feel good about it, after all they can use my room for the baby.
Ellie surpised me by telling me I could ask Benny if he needed a roommate. With Matthew moving out at the end of the year, there will be an empy room I might be able to rent.
I thought it was a great idea, so I caled him and asked him to get a coffee. I was surprised he brought Joan, but when I explained why I wanted to talk to him, he told me Joan had already move in as well.
But there still was a room left, so I'm welcome to move in when Matthew moves out. It's even beter sharing an appartment with 2 roommates, especially since I'm not sure about a job after college yet.

  • Finn and Emma got pregnant thanks to birth control failure! Some of you might remember that said something about it some time ago on twitter. I really wasn't happy with it. Not that I don't want to see their kids, but I just didn't want to see them this soon in their relationship, they just started dating. Their baby is due for June 2026.
  • Which brings me to this new couple. They met when I played his family, they are one of my playable NPC's, and they hit it off. I decided to see where they would be heading when I played her, and they headed to a pregnancy.
    Finn will be moving in with Emma, he's a family sim, so I figure he would want to be close to his kid, even if the relationship is still new, and the pregnancy wasn't planned.
  • With a baby on the way, and Finn moving in, Melina needed to find another place to live. And with Matthew moving away, his room seemed like a prefect solution. So Melina will be moving in with Benny and Joan (who I just moved in to age her up, if she and Benny don't make it, I'm making her a townie again).
  • Melina and Matthew didn't roll any wants for eachother anymore. As much as I like them together, I think it was time to break them up. They only have one bolt, so I'm sure they'll be able to find some one who fits them better. Or maybe they get back together when Matthew moves back in a few years.


  1. So much happening in this post!! I hope Finn and Emma will make a good go of it, and provide a good home for their child. The science lab greenhouse looks so much fun to play!

  2. Wow! I wonder how Melina moving in with affect Benny and Joan. It could be awkward for her living with a couple but I can see it possibly going well too. It's worked out for some of my sims so who knows?

    What is it with sims named Finn and birth control failure? ;) I was not expecting that! Emma and Finn will be tied together for a long time now and they're so young. I hope your Finn takes after my Finn and everything works out well for them!

  3. I am shocked that Joan is cool with Melina moving in with them, curious how this will pan out. Crazy about Emma and Finn having a baby so young in life and their relationship. I hope things work out for them. They have a rough road with college and parenting, not to mention compatibility.

    Too bad that Matthew and Melina broke up, but I can see why they did, and is probably for the best, at least for the time being.

  4. Shannon I hope so too for Finn and Emma, they make a cute couple, but will they make a good family as well? We'll just have to wait and see I guess :)

    Thanks for reading!

    Carla I think it might be a little bit akward, seeing Melina and Matthew just broke up, and Melina's best friend is Benny's ex, a relationship that didn't end well, but I didn't want a single sim household, and this seemed like a good solution, so we'll see next round :)

    I was thinking about the same thing when I found out Emma was pregnant!! I immidiatly thought of your Finn and Maisie's and Sari's, and I really hope he and Emma can make it work! At least they'r trying.

    Thanks for reading!

    Maisie Joan and Melina get along pretty well actually, and Joan and Benny are a pretty strong couple, but it's always a gamble, we'll just have to wait and see how thing work out next round.
    The baby wasn't something I had planned at all! I'm looking forward to it, as much as I'm looking forward to any other baby, but if I was up to me they would have waited :)

    I've always liked Matthew and Melina together, and if it were up to me they wouldn't have broken up, but they didn't roll any wants for each other anymore, and with Matthew leaving I had to choose, if they would make it work with the distance, or if Melina would go with him, or breaking up, and seeing the wants, I went to the last one.
    Maybe they'll get back together when he returns, who knows :)

    Thanks for reading!