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Zanobi - Ocotber 2024

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The Zanobi Family
Sophie is 49, Julian is 13
(Dimitri Zanobi is 41, Herman Davis is 51, Emma Zanobi is 18 and Collin Wagtmans and Alana Collins are 13)
Narrated by Sophie
In the beginning when Emma moved out, it was kind of strange, suddenly we were just a family of 2. It was pretty quiet around the house, though I didn't think I would ever say that about living with a teenage boy.
He's so different from Emma when she was a teen, and it took some time of getting used to him drinking right out the carton. No matter how much I tell him not to, it seems stronger than himself.
He's a good boy though, and he looks after Belle when I'm at work.
To be completely honest he's not home that much. When he's not in school, or at work, he's ussually out with Collin. They mostly hang out in the arcade downtown.
Or some weird house, they call 'a friend's house', also downtown. I do make sure to always know where he is, especially after his clubbing adventure last summer!
The friend's house is a house decorated to entertain teens. So I kind of think it's nice he's hanging around with his peers.
I always thought boys were later with showing interest in the other gender. But one day I came home to find Julian hanging around with a girl.
Alana seems like a really nice girl, she lives with her brothers, and they own the equestrian center up hill, but I never thought having to deal with dating this soon again!
They seem quite fond of each other though. If they're not hanging out together, they're constantly on the phone.
I sat Julian down one day to talk about it all, and to lay down some ground rules. He told me that there's nothing going on between him and Alana, but I just wanted to be clear about it all, that I think he's still too young.
I also want to make sure that he doesn't neglect his studies, and that I want him around in the restaurant. I really need all the help I can get.
I didn't wait to long before re-opening Zanobi's after Lucas died. Lucas always loved the place, and wouldn't want it to be closed. Besides I love working there.
And with the help of both Emma and Julian I'm sure we'll manage. Emma arranged her classes to make it possible for her to work here. We might have to close some days when she has finals, but at least we're open.
Julian is doing a pretty good job. He gets along with the customers, and so far he hasn't thrown any food on they labs.
I try to make my time with my kids not all about work. Going out to dinner in a really fancy place is one of my favourite things to do. Of course with Emma's classes we mostly talk about food.
I'm pretty proud of my kids, despite everything that has happened, they are doing pretty well. Their grades are fine, and they are pretty good kids.
I was suprised when Emma said that she and Stephan broke up, but she didn't seem to mind, she just wanted to let us know before she changed the subject again.
Emma and I also visited the newly opened spa in SimsVille. We expected a day of pampering, and we weren't disappointed. We've gotten a massage.
Enjoyed the heath of the sauna.
And relaxed in the hot tub.
We finished the day, next door, at 'The Patio'. The weather has been pretty mild this fall, and we were able to sit outside, even when the sun was down already.
I still miss Lucas, and having some one around to talk to. Belle is a sweet dog, and she keeps me company very well, but it's not the same.
Some weeks ago I met this guy, Herman, when I was out getting a coffee, and I really like him. He seems to like me as well, he's calling me frequently, just the chat. He asked me out sometimes as well, but I always change the subject when he does.
I know I'm not too old to date, no one ever is, but I didn't know if it was the right thing to do. So when Dimitri came by one day, I told him about Herman.
He assured me that Lucas would have wanted me to be happy, even if it wasn't with him or sooner that I thought it would happen.
So I invited Herman over for dinner. I was very nervous about it all, it's been a while since my last date, and even that one was with my husband.
But he sat their, waiting patienty, trying to make small talk, while I was preparing dinner.
We had a nice meal, which I didn't ruin with my nervousness, and a nice chat. He told me about his son, who's the same age as Julian, and I told him about my kids.
After all, we had a really nice night. And we agreed to go out on a actual date soon.

  • I've thought really long about whether or not to let Sophie date again, since it is so close to Lucas' death, but eventually went with it. She already rolled the want the fall in love again, so I decide to try to oblige. 
  • She did meet Herman at the coffeeshop, but somehow I lost those pictures. And they really get along very nice. So I might want to see where this is heading.
  • Herman's son doesn't exist at the moment, but I'm getting a little bit tired of the townies not having any family, even though this means adding some more sims to my game. So when this is actually going somewhere, I'll create Herman's son, and possibly some other relatives as well.
  • I was happy to open Zanobi's again. I haven't played in quite some time, and almost forgot how it looked. Sophie might want to change the decor a little bit, but she might wait for Emma to do whatever she likes.
  • Alana Collins is one of my playable NPC's, I hope to get her and her brothers involved with some of the regular playables, so you'll so more of them.


  1. Thank you for yet another great morning coffee read :-)
    I love the house (as I do almost all of your houses), and once again, you make the story and the pictures sound and look so realistic.
    All the best to Sophie - you are right about letting her date again, especially seeing as she wants to fall in love again!

  2. Yeah, I felt that way about letting Lake and Kendal date again after their spouses died. Lake got back into it *really* soon and I did think it was maybe too soon. But sometimes your sims know best and maybe Herman will be a really good thing for her. If you want family for Herman, you could always have a look at your existing townies and see if there's anyone who looks similar to him. It might save you adding another sim, if so.

    Anyway, I'm happy to see the kids doing so well too. It should be interesting to see if anything does develop between Alana and Julian. Boys his age are notorious for not telling their mothers anything, so who knows what's really going on? ;)

  3. Librarian It's nice to know my blog is enjoyed :)
    This house is one I've build myself. I've redecorated it this round, but I'm doing that for most of my houses at the moment. I've quite fond of it myself :)
    I've really doubted letting her date again, but I kind of like Herman :)

    Thanks for reading!

    Carla I kind of like Herman already, that's the reason I eventually let her date him. We'll see where they'll head next, but I don't see Sophie dating around before settling again.
    I really hate it that townies don't have any family. I want Herman to at least have a son! We'll see about the rest though :) I think I might do what you say here and look around in my towniepool for his family, thanks for the tip, I didn't think about that myself.

    Alana and Julian like each other. There are many other options for hem thogh, once they become teens that is, so we'll see :)

    Thanks for reading!