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Min - November 2024

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The Min Family
Quan is 54, Chu is 53
(Hans Mokara is 52, Bram Belio is 50, Ling Belio and Yin Mokara are 49, Dennis Heaven is 28, Benny Min is 19 and Joan Willis is 18)
Narrated by Quan
After getting trhough the first interviews for the adoption, Chu and I decided to treat ourselfs. We went down to My Salon to treat ourselfs to a make-over.
The idea came from Chu, and I was a bit hesitant at first, but when I saw the result I was very happy I agreed to it.
Afterwards we went to Zoe's for a lunch. Even when Benny was still living at home, it's mostly been Chu and me, since he was always busy with his studies.
This last year we've been adjusting even more to just being the 2 of us. So with the adoption ahead, we're trying to enjoy this time we still have of being just the 2 of us.
Apart from the adoption we've also added to our family with a pup, Dollar. It's something I've been wanting for some time now, and I finally got one.
Having Dollar around has been nice. He still needs a lot of attention, and he still pees in the house, but I'm sure this will all get better when he's older.
There still were some things to get before we could house a baby again. We got rid of all of the babystuff when Benny started school, so we had to get everything new. We've heard about this new place, 'Oh Baby', opening downtown, and went to check it out.
It's a great store, which literally has everything for babies. Chu fell in love with this very nice pale pink nursery, but I wanted to get something more gender-neutral since we don't know if the baby's going to be a boy or a girl. Chu wasn't too happy about it, but she could see the point.
We also discovered 'Toy Soldier', a toystore, right next to the baby-store, and couldn't resist taking a look. Chu found some really nice things to finish of the babyroom.
And I went a little bit crazy when I saw all the toys they sold.
With a toymaker in the famioly I couldn't help bet feel a little bit guilty when we stepped to the cash register to pay for everything we've got.
Some days after the babyroom was delivered and put together, the adoption agency sent over their social worker for a check up.
He seemed pleased about everything we've done, bus still had some remarks.
At the end of his visit, Mr. Heaven sat us down to have a chat with us and to explain what would happen next.
So far he couldn't see anything why we wouldn't be able to adopt. He talked to Anna and Benny, and all of the visits were very positive. He couln't tell anything definative though, and so we had to wait the final phonecall.
Apart from the adoption Chu is also very busy at work. Next year there will be hood council election, and she wants to get elected, if not as governor than as representative. This means that she's working late, and that she brings a lot of work home with her.
And as if things weren't busy enough already, Benny also insited on introducing his new girlfriend, Joan, to us.
I know Chu was worried about Benny when Ellie and he broke up last year, especially since we found out that Benny didn't see it coming. So Chu was very relieved when Benny told us he found some one new.
Joan is a very sweet girl, she might even be better for Benny then Elli was. They don't agree on everything, but neither do Chu and I.
Benny also announced that he will be moving into an apartment on campus, with his best friend, Matthew, next year. Joan will be moving in to one of the dorms as of next year, but she didn't seem to mind that Benny wouldn't be there.
When Benny left we got the phone call from the adoption agency telling us we were approved. Unfortunalty this still doesn't mean we can hold our new baby in our arms, but we're getting closer.
After that phonecall we decided it was finally time to inform the family about our family addition, so we invited them all over for dinner.
I don't think any one was expecting this news from us, since after we told them, they all went sillent for a while.
But eventually they all congratulated us.

  • So the adoption is finally in order. Now they'll have to wait before they are actually handed a baby. I'll roll for that every month from now on, they odds are 25%, and we'll have to wait and see when they will have a new baby in their house.
  • I've said it before but this was the last family I thought that would adopt. I've always figured they were done with kids, and that they felt the same way. If any I've always thought Quan's sisters, Ling, would be the one who'd have a child later in life.
    It seems like ROS decided otherwise, which really isn't the first time.
  • The houd council elections are something I think is needed. I haven't done anything with my hood council since .... well every actually, but I still think it's time for elections. I think Chu is a plausilbe candidate for the job as governor. I not sure if I'll put poll up here, but we'll see about that when it's time.
  • Both Chu and Quan liked Joan, but I guess they're just happy their son is happy. She's a year younger than Benny, and I'll pretend she'll be living in one of the dorms, I won't be moving her in, untill I know how things between her and Benny will evolve.
  • Also after I gave Quan and Chu a make-over, I also took new pics for their profile-pages, which are update now: 



  1. It'll be interesting to follow this family's progress and see when they'll have a new addition, and whether it will be a boy or a girl.

  2. Love the Min family and the update! I'll be checking back on their adoption progress :)

  3. Excited to see their adoption pan out, and wonder how long it will take. Quan and Chu's makeover turned out nicely. Excited to see hood council elections, I just started doing something with mine, but have been dying to for ages! I love the way Carla does hers, looking forward to yours! I can't believe they are going to start over with a baby at this stage in life!

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  5. Chu would make an awesome governor, I bet! And adopting a child who needs a family would make her look sympathetic to the electorate too, so she might be in with a good chance!

    I'm glad to see Benny and Joan still going strong. I think I said before but I really like her so far! I'm glad Quan and Chu did as well.

    And I have to say, that toy store and the baby store are both amazing! Did you decorate those?

  6. Librarian I'm pretty curious myself! No prefferences though, so I'll be happy with both a boy or a girl :)

    Thanks for reading!

    SandySimmer Thank you for checking in, and welcome!
    I'm glad you liked the update!

    Thanks for reading!

    Maisie It will all be revealed soon, I can safely say they didn't have to wait that long for their newest addition! I can't believe they are starting all over either, thank you ROS!
    I'm pretty pleased with how Chu and Quan turned out.
    I'll have to think this whole election-thing throug, I love Carla's as well, but I take so many (if not all) of her ideas!

    Thanks for reading!

    Apple Valley Glad you liked it! I can't wait for the new addition either :)

    Thanks for reading!

    Carla I think Chu would make a good governor as well, and I think her chances even got better with the adoption.
    I still have to think a lot of it through about the elections! I'm not sure if I'll post a poll, but I think I'll post information, not sure about it all though ...

    I love Joan, she's one of the dormies I made over and was anxious to have a relationship with a playable, I'm glad she and Benny are making it work, and I hope they continue to make it work.

    I've build and decorated both the toy store and the baby store. I'm happy with both and might post some more intrior shots soon.

    Thanks for reading!