Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Birthdays - January 2025

Mairi Wagtmans is at the hospital again for one her check-ups, only this time it's not good. There's no imidiate danger, but Dr. Lambers wants to keep her in, and keep a close eye on her and the baby.

So 3 months before her official due date, Mairi is put in bedrest, in the hospital, which is something she isn't too happy with, since she still had lot of work to do, that she can't finish now.
Mairi's sons, Camden and Collin drop by every day after school, which actually is the highlight of her day. Husband, Harry, drops by as much as he can as well.
While Mairi has been put on bedrest, her little sister, Elisa,  is in the room next to hers giving birth to her second child.
After several hours Elisa gives birth to a healthy babygirl, whiche they name Ellen.
Over in SimsVille the Min family gets the news they have been waiting for, they finally gotten the call that they've found a match, and that their new baby will be arriving soon. Chu tries to finish up as much work as she can, so she can devote all her time to the new baby.
Some one of the adoption agency brings the baby over, and give them the last details about the baby's background, before he's officially theirs.
But soon enough Chu and Quan are alone with their new son, Florian, and they can enjoy him to the fullest.
SimsVille Up Hill Elementary School will be getting several new students this year. First of we have Jill Forman.
Elisabeth Penninkmeijer is also turning 4 this year.
 As is her twinsister, Margaret.
Felix Gerrits is also truning 4 this year.
As is Zoey Mishoen.
And Brent de Leeuw.
And last we have Marcus Zang who's also turning 4 this year.
Lewis Mishoen is happy to finally start high school. He hopes to one day have a nice and loving family.
Sam Mokara hopes to earn some good money when he's older.
The Verbon twins are turning 12 this year as well. Zenzi is quite into boys already and can't wait to start dating.
Morgana on the other hand wants to know as much as she can and max out several skills.
Anabel Spits wants to one day became a well known architect, at least that's what she thinks she wants.
Her bother Anthony doesn't care how he gets money when he's older, as long as he get kids and grandkids!
Goofy Mishoen is turning 60 this year, and is a little bit overwhelmed by how grey he's turning, he is however counting down the days untill his retirement.
Also turning 60 this year is father of 3, and grandfather of 1, Ludo Mertens. He's not thinking about retiring at the moment at all, he just hopes he can grow and sell his crops as long as possible.

I just love Ellen's nursery and thought I'd share it with you guys! I love the colors, and I love the furniture :)

  • Mairi is 54, which makes her pregnancy a risky one, so I figured it wouldn't be real if I let her entire pregnancy go by smooth. So she's on bedrest now, het official due date is March, and we'll see if she gets there. Mairi is also a little bit of a workaholic, so you can imagine that she's not too happy about having to stay in the hospital the remaining of her pregnancy.
  • I'm quite pleased that Elisa and Harald had a girl. I didn't have a prefference, so I would have been pleased if it would have been a boy :) but now they have one of each.
    Ellen has brown hair, like her dad, and dark blue eyes, like both her parents.
  • The Min family got quite lucky very soon, and so they were given a baby boy. I didn't have a genderprefference here either, so I'm rather happy with Florian. I'm very anxious to grow him up though.
    Florian is 9 months old, so we'll see his 1st brirthday soon enough. He has brown eyes, and black hair. The last is something I'm less pleased with, I had hoped for a different haircolor since I already have so many black haired sims running around!
  • I love most of these kids! Just look at Felix and Brent, they are such cuties! And I love how different Margaret and Elisabeth turned out, and that despite their differences they still look like true Penninkmeijers!
  • Lewis once was my favourite toddler, and he still is one of my favourites! I still can't believe he's a teen though, but I love how he looks. Zenzi and Anabel are such pretty girls, I'm very much looking forward to playing them.
  • I even like my elders! Both Goofy and Ludo turned out pretty good looking elders!


  1. I'm glad Mairi is in hospital, where the doctors can keep an eye on her and her baby. Realistic that she'd have some problems, at her age.

    Good thing you made Florian 9 months old, seeing you're so keen to age him up. ;) I've done that before too!

    I can't get over how many new kids you have entering pre-school. They're all adorable as well. I love Jill and Zoey especially. Your new elders are both very handsome, but Goofy is looking good in particular!

    The nursery is lovely - Ellen's a lucky little girl!

  2. It seemed more real this way for Mairi, after all she's 55 and very pregnant at the moment. Now the doctors keep a close eye on her, so she'll definatly stays in bed.

    I'm always eager to age up my sims, of any age actually, but I rolled for this one, and the dice was in my favour this time :)

    And there will be many more new kids next round! I'm thinking of putting my elementary school updates on hold for while, but I really want a complete school picture :)
    Jill looks pretty great and I think there's a a good piece of Niels in Zoey which I kind of like.
    Goofy turned out so well as an elder, I can't believe I was dreading aging him up!

    Thanks for reading!

  3. I can't believe that Mairi is 54! Glad she is in the hospital and getting the care she needs for the new baby. Can't wait until Florian ages up, and glad I don't have to wait long to see him. There are so many birthdays in this thread, Lewis is quite good looking, as is Sam. Ellen's nursery is gorgeous, very lovely room for a little girl. Anabel and Morgana are gorgeous too, as are all those little grade school kiddies.

  4. Maisie 54 seemed like an age to not have an easy pregnancy! So it's a good thing Mairi is in the hospital where she's looked after.
    I'm always eager to age my sims up, and I'm really glad that I don't have to wait too long before I can age up Florian :)

    I have way too many sims, and this of course results in many birthdays, but I love them all :)
    I think Lewis will always be one of my favourites, he looks pretty great :)
    And I simply love how Anabel and Morgana and all the others turned out!

    Thanks for reading!