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Story of her life, a little bit different - August 2021

Last update: On a Rollercoaster

Story of her life, a little bit different
Samantha Bradshaw is 25
(Stella Terrano is 33, Anna Min is 22, Niels Bleek is 21 and Belinda Stevens is 20)
So here she is again, ready to leave ... again. It's always the same story, just a different town, yet it always looked so promising, so good, so much like the place she thought she would never leave.

Maybe it was possible to stay this time, but it's always so much easier to leave than stay and face the problems, or in her case problem.
She had been trying to talk to Niels, but only found to courage to actually do it some weeks ago. He had been calling her, but she ignored his calls, and every time she saw him somewhere, she turned around and made sure he didn't see her.
He wasn't too happy to see her, and she knew why the moment she saw one of his girls in the livingroom. Niels tryed to laugh it off, but she wasn't too impressed.
At first he refused to go somewhere private, so she started confronting him with everything she had heard in front of the girl.
He got furious about that, and eventually took her to his room where he started yelling, that she had no right to accuse him, he never made her any promisses.
She couldn't believe her ears, she just came to get some answers, and instead she ggot yelled at. Eventually she started yelling back at him, and left without getting any answers.
When she thinks back about it now, it was kind of what she was expecting, even though she was hoping for something else. She hadn't heard from him since.
With Anna things were so different. She though Anna was a good friend, and in the end she really was a good friend who only tried to help her, and she knew Anna was right about everything, even before talking to Niels.
She hadn't been able to talk to Anna since their fight. Their relationship at the moment was kind of cold. They were still working together in the Bookcorner, but never talked about anything else but the shop.
The fact that she really had nobody here anymore, made her think about leaving, again. Anna's bookstore was going great, and to be honest Anna didn't really need her help anymore.
She has been thinking about starting a life here, but she got off on the wrong foot, or so it seems, and she didn't want to see Niels everywhere she went.
Once the plan was made to leave, it all seemed to go pretty easy. She called Anna and just told her over the phone, with the excuse of having no time, there was no time for questions.
Next she had to informe Stella, that she would no longer write for the local paper anymore. She said it was time for her to go, to move on.
Stella was understanding about it all, and was happy when she said that Anna might want to take over the writing job, she had a degree in literature after all, and she couldn't see Anna happy with only the shop, Stella seemed really happy with that idea.
So now she was here again, ready to go, trainticket in her pocket, waiting for the train to come, and take her to another destionation. Sad that she wasn't able to say proper goodbye to the only friend she really had here, and then she saw Anna.
Anna came to sit by her, and they just talked like they did that first day she arrived 18months ago, like nothing had happened. They talked about all sorts of things, Anna's kids, the shop, her still unkonwn destination.
She was sure she was going to miss Anna, but she would find other friends, for now she was just happy that Anna was here to say goodbye, and that there were no hard feelings.
When the train entered the station she went to the plaform to wait. And there was Niels, waiting for her.
He said he wanted to leave with her, go where ever she wanted to go, leave everything behind, and just go where the train would take them, no one else just her and Niels. Even though she had her doubts about him, she didn't argue, and was happy with the company.
And so she left, again. It's just the story of her life, or so it seems, but this time it was just a little bit different.

Since Niels is traveling with Samantha, I though I'd give some info about it. It seems like something Niels would do: dating 3 girls at the time, choose the one that would mean the least trouble; in this case leave the other 2 behind, so he doesn't have to face them anymore. I'm aware that he has a daughter, but he never really cared about her, and never dropped by to see her.
Now about what I expect from Niels' travel, I don't expect too much of it. I can see him leaving Samantha behind even before arriving at her new destination, or leaving her when he meets some one on the new detination, to be honest I really don't care what he does, or if he stays in Samantha's story. Don't feel obligated to keep him with Samantha, because like I said he could have easily left her before arriving somewhere else. I don't expect him to travell all the different hoods like Samantha does, not do I want him to. When he leaves Samantha, he will be traveling some more, but he will go off radar!
I do want him to come back one day, but I just don't know when.

In case you want him to go with Samantha, you can donwload him here.

Here are some pictures and his bio:
Name: Niels Bleek
Age: 22 years old
Character: Aquarius (4-10-4-4-3)
Aspiration: Popularity/Romance
Hobby: Games
LTW: Become Media Magnate
Degree: Litarature
Piercings: Left ear/Right eyebrow/in the middle of his lip - all silver rings

  • So this was Samantha's last update in SimsVille, not a very eventfull one, but still. I'm aware that not a lot has happened to her here, but I think she used her time will here :) I hope you all liked her stay in SimsVille, I loved having her in my hood and show you all some other sides from some of my sims, like Niels, and Anna, and I can't wait to read what's going to happen to her next.
  • About Anna and Samanta; Anna is just too nice to let a good friend leave without saying goodbye, so I let her go to the railwaystation.
    The reason I did it this way is because it's always easy to confront some one when you know you're right, but admitting you're wrong is always much more difficult. In this case it was easy for Samantha to go to Niels and confront him with wath she knew, but facing Anna and admitting she was wrong about starting the arguement was the hard part. I'm glad they made up :)
  • About Samanthy suggesting to Stella that Anna might be good to take over her job; Anna does have a degree in literature, and I think she woul love to do it on the side, since she's very much into film and literature.


  1. OMG, what a surprise! LOL! You know, I can see him making an impulsive decision like that to just up and run off with her. She must be thinking he's absolutely crazy, lol!

    Will he come back to SimsVille for visits? I hope at least for his daughter that he will some day.

    Ah, I love that Samantha and Anna had the chance to make amends before she left. It was a lovely and very productive visit for Samantha (well, apart from Niels, lol!). It seems like she did some healing and got her head sorted a bit, and she needed that. Thank you so much for hosting her, Tanja! :)

    1. I'm really glad you liked Samantha's stay in SimsVille, I really had fun doing her story :)

      I was thinking it was in Niels' charactter to do something like this, just pick up and leave without thinking about any one else.
      He will be returning to SimsVille one day, I think when he's 30 or 35 or so. If he won't be traveling to any other hoods with Samantha, he will travel off radar, and I might think of something juicy when he returns :)

      Thanks for reading!

  2. Wow, that was unexpected, where is she headed next? Can't wait to see what happens with Niels

    1. I'm pretty anxious to see Niels in other hoods as well, but it's not sure he will visit another hood, he might leave Samantha before arriving somewhere else.

      Samantha is heading back to Richmond, and I can't wait :)

      Thanks for reading!

  3. I'm so glad Samantha and Anna made up before she left. I was always sad that they started off such great friends and then Niels kind of ruined it (Anna wouldn't have had anything to report if he'd behaved himself. ;))

    I loved the twist at the end with Niels deciding to hop on the train with her. I can't wait to see what the next person in line does with Samantha (and with Niels, if he sticks around long enough!)

    1. It really suited Anna to go and say goodbye properly, afterall she had found a good friend in Samantha before their silly fight.
      You're right about Niels kind of ruining things for Samantha, but it was fun to write :)

      I'm glad you liked Niels' action at the end. I'm really hoping some one keeps him in their hood, but I'm not going to force him on to some one.
      It's kind of a good thing he's away from Tina though, where ever he ends up :)

      Thanks for reading!

  4. Really glad that Samantha and Anna made up, they were good friends, and it'd be disappointing if she left without clearing the air or saying goodbye. As for Niels, gee! I wasn't expecting that at all! His poor daughter. Im not a Niels fan and wish that Samantha had told him to take a leap instead! She deserves better!

    1. I was kind of feeling the same way about Samantha and Anna, but I didn't see Samantha as the one going to Anna and make up. So I let Anna go the railwaystation insteat :)
      Samantha does deserver better than Niels, I think every one deserves better than him, at least when he's acting like this, but I don't think Samantha would have been able to make him stay when he really wanted to go...

      Thanks for reading!

  5. Uh... Samantha's going where?! *jaw drops*

    ... she might not be going back to Richmond just yet, but we're working on that... meanwhile, I really enjoyed this, and what a surprise at the end! I really wasn't expecting Niels to go with her, and I'm glad she and Anna made up, too.

    A great ending to Samantha's stay in Simsville!

    1. She was going to go to New Buckington first, but that blog is gone ... Anyway they are in the process of figuring this out...

      I'm so glad evey one enjoyed her stay here, and that I've put her down right, and I'm not a writer and I don't consider myself a good one, so it's really nice to hear I did a good job here :)

      I kind of wanted Niels to be gone for a little while (or a long while), and Samantha leaving gave the perfect opportunity for it, and Niels seems like the person to just pack his things and leave without thikning about anything else...

      Thanks for reading!

  6. I wasn't expecting that especially with the way that Niels and Samantha left thing in his apartment. But now thinking about both of their personalities I can see it working (at least for a little while). Samantha always seems to leave people behind so it must be nice to have company.

    I didn't knew New Buckington was gone. I really like that blog. :(

    1. I think no one was really expecting Niels to go with Samantha, though I had the idea in my mind ever since she arrived in SimsVille :) It really suits Niels' character.
      I don't see it working out long term, and I really want Niels to come back to SimsVille one day.

      I didn't know New Buckington was gone either, untill I went there to try and contact the writer.

      Thanks for reading!