Wednesday, March 21, 2012

SVU - September 2021

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SimsVille University
Belinda Stevens and Margot and Melissa Mertens are 20
(Dominic Vega is 23, Mario Burrie and Jason Savage are 22, and Aaron Rossi is 21)
Narrated by Belinda

Somehow I knew, even before he left, that things between me and Niels wouldn't last. As much as I loved him, and liked spending time with him, somehow I kept feeling like their was something holding him back. I would have never though he would just leave like he did though.
I can't say I don't miss him, but I have my studies to keep me busy, and since I'm a Junior now, my work is more than before.
I have Margot and Melissa to keep me busy as well. We go out quite a  lot, and I like those evenings when it's just the girls.
They both have boyfriends though, so at times they meet with them when we're out. They are both bery much in love with their boyfriends. Margot is much more reserved, but you can see the love between her and Jason when they look at each other.
Melissa is much more outgoing, and whenever she and Mario are together they are practically glued to each other. But Mario and Melissa don't meet as much as Margot and Jason so that migh be an explanation.
I don't like staying at home when they are out, so I ussually tag along, and entertain myself. Lately I've been meeting Dominic when I go out. He's a little bit older, but I really like him, a lot. I'm not sure though.
To get my mind off Niels, I joined a band, and even though I'm busy with my studies, I always make time when we have gig, or when there's an open mic night.
Dominic comes to almost all of those things, and seems to enjoying my preformance, and Margot and Melissa's company.
But I think he ussually comes for our talks we have when our gig is over. We can spend hours just talking about everything.
The reason I'm not sure about Dominic is Aaron. He's the drummer in our band, and he comes by sometimes even when we don't have to practice. I like him a lot as well, and love spending time with him.
Maybe I'm just not ready for something new after Niels' departure. On the other hand I don't want to think about Niels to much either, it was his choice to leave, not mine, and I need to move on with my life.
I'm not like Margot, who has her whole life planned out. She knows exactly what she wants from life, and has it all worked how she's going to get it. She and Jason are really happy together, and are already making plans for when she graduates.
It seems like Jason is on the same page as Margot, which isn't bad since they are in a relationship. Some time ago he asked her to marry him.
She of course said yes, and now their wedding is all they talk about, even though they plan to wait at least a year after she graduates before will be getting married.
Sometimes Margot and her well-planned life make me feel kind of insecure about my own hectic life. I kind of know what I want, but I don't have it all planned out. Melissa keeps telling me that there aren't a lot of 21-year olds having their life all planned out.

  • It was kind of strange but before I started playing this household, I was kind of looking forward to it. Like some of you already know, I never liked playing uni that much, so looking forward to playing my uni-household is kind of rare to me.
  • It might seem like Belinda is moving on really fast, but I didn't see her like the kind of girl to mope around, so I let her join a band. She as attraction with both Dominic and Aaron, and she likes them both, so she's really not sure yet about what she wants.
  • Both Margot and Jason had the want to get engaged, so I just let them. I do plan on letting them wait at least 2 years (Margot still has one year of uni in front of her, and one year after her graduation) before they get married. I might however let them move in after they graduate, but I'm not sure yet. Margot might also get a place with Melissa and Belinda. Melissa is very serious about Mario, but I don't see her as the girl to move as 'fast' as Margot.


  1. I know what you mean about not looking forward particularly to play Uni households! Only when I have not been playing one of these for a while, I like them. They easily bore me, I must admit.
    And you just inspired me to have my Sims play in a "band" - I haven't done that for ages!

    1. I never like uni that much, not untill I started reading other blogs, and saw the interesting lifes other simmers' sims had :)

      I have to admit I never had a sim play in a band before, and this one was for the update only, and since Belinda is a playable NPC, I doubt we'll see more of it, but I'm tempted to do it with another sil :)

      Thanks for reading!

  2. That's great that Belinda isn't letting Niels's departure stop her from living her life. I'm glad she's keeping herself busy. Hmmm, Dominic and Aaron - both are so cute, I can see why Belinda isn't quite ready to commit to either of them yet, lol.

    Will we get to see any of Jason and Margot's wedding? They're a sweet couple.

    1. I do like both guys as well, so I don't know if it's really Belinda who isn't sure, or if it's me, lol.

      I think I'll post some shots of Jason and Margot's wedding, but I don't think I'll post a complete wedding update though.

      Thanks for reading!

  3. Congrats to Margot and James.

    I think Belinda should enjoy dating to two guys and not take it serious especially if she's not sure she's ready for a new relationship.

    1. I think Belinda is going to do just that :) She's having fun at the moment. She's young, there's no need to settle down with only one boy right now.

      Thanks for reading!

  4. I'm excited she has some possible love interests! They're both cute! Crazy that Margot is already engaged, that happens though. At least Belinda is happy for them. I just hope Margot lives with Belinda after graduation, at least a bit. That's more fun!

    1. I really can't decide which one of the 2 guys Belinda will choose, so we'll see what she wants.

      Margot is 20, so the engagement really isn't TOO soon.
      I'm not sure yet where Margot will live, but if she's going to live with Melissa and Belinda after graduation, it won't be very long, of that I'm sure.

      Thanks for reading!

  5. Congratulations to Jason and Margot. They make a really good looking couple.

    Belinda shouldn't beat herself up about no having her life planned out. She is still young and should enjoy herself.