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Tora - September 2021

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The Tora Family
Erik is 28, Annie is 30 and Owen is 2
(Debby Gradonni is 53, Catherine Penninkmeijer is 31, Abby Gradonni is 30, Sya Gettits is 29, Brian Gradonni is 2)
Narrated by Annie

Owen really is a joy, and I love spending time with him. He's a really happy child, and almost never throws a tantrum.
He's 2 years old now, and is becoming a little bit more independent. I think I'm the only mother who's not too thrilled about her kid getting more independent, but I love it when he's little.
Mom tells me she felt the same when Abby and I were growing up, and that she's feeling the same now seeing her grandsons grow up.
Since there a few days a week mine and Erik's hours overlap, mom has suggested she'd watch Owen. Owen adores his grandmother.
Of course mom can't just sit and enjoy a good book when Owen is sleeping, so the nights she's watching Owen, we usually come home to a completely cleaned house.
And sometimes she even prepared dinner for Erik. I have to admit that I can imagine it's nice for Erik to come home and have a home cooked meal, since I'm not a great cook.
On my days off, I usually do something with Abby when she's free as well. It's fall, but the weather still is nice, and the boys love the park.
I really love it that Brain and Owen are so close in age, they like playing together and are always picking up things from the other one.
When the kids are playing Abby and I get a chance to talk. We don't see eacht other as much as we used to, now that we each have our own family, so every those moments are kind of precious.
Catherine and Sya's kids are too little to play with Brian and Owen, but I'm sure that when they are old enough, we will be having a lot of playdates! In the mean time we try to meet up at least once a month.
It's not like we have to go out, and stay out untill the morning, just dinner and some nice talks is more than enough. At the moment we all have only one topic though, and I think it's going to be like that for some more years to come.
On the nights I go out with the gang, Erik looks after Owen. He always tells me it's a boysnight. He loves his boysnights.
I'm pretty sure Owen loves those nights with his dad's individed attetion as well.
Erik and I have been talking about having another child, and we both feel we're ready. We both want a large family and we don't want there to be huge agegap between our children. So we decided to try again.
We didn't have to try long; I just found out I'm pregnant!

  • So Annie and Erik are having another baby. Annie rolled the want some time ago, as well as Erik, but I forgot to lock it with Erik. I didn't let them try, they did it all on their own, so I kind of put faith in their own hands. Annie is due in June 2022. 
  • I'm anxious to see this baby, and I'm hoping it will be a blond one. It's possible since Kürt, Annie's dad is a natural blond, so Annie carries the gen, and Erik also is blond. I have way too many black haired sims running around in SimsVille!


  1. Debby is like a super-grandma! Babysitting, cooking and housecleaning - what a treasure!

    It's great that Annie still gets to meet up with her friends and have her girls' night while Erik has a boys' night with Erik ;). It seems like Annie has lots of people around her ensuring that all the hard work of parenting isn't falling only on her shoulders.

    And another baby! That's exciting. Owen is so cute and I'm sure this one will be too. Has Owen got freckles? I love black-haired Sims with freckles.

    1. Debby has her own household to run, but she has no job, so it kind of gives her time to do those things. On the other hand, in her own house she does all those things as well so maybe she is a super-grandma :)

      I think it's impotant to still meet with your friends when you have kids. Unfortunatly for Erik, he has only 1 friend, and that's Abby's boyfriend, who is really busy with the farm and hardly has any time left to go out.
      But Erik's secondary aspiration is family, and he loves those night when it's just him and little Owen.

      Owen has got freckles, as does his mom, and when looking at Owen, and see Annie all over :) I love freckles as well, I have to stop myself from putting them on every sim in my hood :)

      Thanks for reading!

  2. You mean they tried for a baby on their own? I didn't know that was possible in the game (at least I have never observed it in mine)!
    Every time I read any of your reports on here, I instantly want to start up my game and play :-)

    1. The trying on their own things, is an ACR-feature (Autonomous Casual Romance), it's a romance hack, it's hard to explain it all, but you can find more about it here:

      I have to say it took me some time before I installed it, since I love having control over my simmies, and ACR allows them to do more things autonomously :)

      I'm really glad I inspire you, I always get inspired by reading other people's blogs, and I'm glad I have that effect on people as well :)

      Thanks for reading!