Friday, November 11, 2011

Draper - September 2020

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The Draper Family
Jason and Ada are 42, Lucas is 6
(Olaf Verbon is 41, Moragana and Zenzi Verbon are 7 and Anthony Verbon is 2)
Narrated by Ada

Sinca Jason's sister, Mia, died last year, he hasn't been quite hisself, which is kind of understandable. He goes out a lot.
And I just know he flirts with a lot of women when he's hout, he's just like that. I don't want to pressure him though, so I just let him.
Whenever he's out, I spend all my time with Lucas. He really loves to be read to. He's our only child so we tend to give him whatever he wants.
I don't like the fact that I have to go to bed alone, when Jason's out.
I'm more than happy when he crawls back into bed at night.
Jason has been talking about opening a business, and after a nice bonus at work, and some talking it over, we agreed on taking out a small loan. He bought a business on campus, calles 'Cup of Cake'.
It looks great, but there is no kichten, and I he wants that, so there is still some work to do. He's planning serving cake and coffee.
Jason isn't the only one having a hard time with Mia's death. Olaf, Mia's husband doesn't have it easy as well. He's working full time again, but has 3 kids to take care of. We sometimes take the load off his shoulders and ask him to bring the kids over. Morgana and Zenzi always love these kind of play dates.
 And I'm pretty sure the girls aren't the only ones enjoying the visits. I think it's good for both Jason and Olaf to talk to some one about everything.
I myself love thos family dinners. They are quite hectic, but it's nice to have so much noise around the table.
When I see Lucas play with little Anthony, and see how much fun he has with the little guy, it sometimes makes me wonder if he misses a brother or a sister.
But then again, he loves to have all his parent's attention. And the days he can spend with his dad he just blooms open. Jason always does the fun stuff with Lucas, like make pannecakes for breakfast.
Taking him out to the park...
Spending the entire day at the park...
 Taking him to the local grocery and buying him a new game...
Eating out, at a not so fancy 'diner'. I'm glad they get along so well, but there a some things I'd wish he didn't do, like buying game.
On the other hand it's not like Lucas is a difficult kid, he does his homework every day, without complaining, and seems to even enjoy it. So why not spoil him.
He, of course, also does things like any other kid, like any other parent would also wish he didn't.

Don't you just love it when your sims act like the children we all are inside?
Blackcat gave me this quote: "We don't grow up, we just learn to behave in socially acceptable ways."

I just love this pictue of Olaf and Zenzi, they did this autonomously. Anthony isn't to impressed though, he just wants his dad's attention.

Another shot of Jason's new business, Cup of Cake.

  • The relationship between Ada and Jason is practically the same as last round. They hardly roll any wants for each other, but, and this is very strange for Jason, they don't roll any wants for any one else. They also do a lot of autonomous kissing and woohooing, so I'll just going to keep them together.
  • Ada's ideal family size is 4, but she doesn't roll any wants for another child. Jason's 1, so I don't expect him to want another one. They're not allowed birth control, but they don't try for a baby and they don't get any accidents, so I don' think there will be any more children for them.
  • Cup of Cake is a lot I build a while ago, but never knew who would buy it. Jason seems to be good for the job. As said, it will sell coffee, and Jason will serve different cakes as well.


  1. That's interesting that they're not trying for another child considering Ada's IFS. I can't wait to see Cup of Cake and how it looks when everything is all done.

  2. Once Sims get older, they tend to try less if they've already got a kid. I guess that might be what's at play with Jason and Ada. Although even without BC, it would be harder for them to get pregnant anyway.

    Jason's business looks great so far. I can't wait to see how it works out for him.

  3. Apple Valley At first I planned for them to have only one child, but that was before I had ACR, and IFS, but now I wouldn't mind them having another, seeing their age though I don't see it happening anymore but you never know.

    There isn't much work on Cup of Cake any more, but maybe you'll get to see it with my next uni-update since it's located on campus.

    Thanks for reading!

    Carla I'm thinking it's age as well, theyr's both 42 years old, and Jason is a romance sim and only wants 1 kids, so I don't think he will be initiating it :)

    I'm looking forward to playing Cup of Cake as well :)

    Thanks for reading!