Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Gradonni - August 2020

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The Gradonni Family
Kürt is 60, Debby is 52, Reinout is 33, Abby is 29 and Brian is 1
(Catherine Penninkmeijer is 30, Annie Tora is 29, Sya Gerrist is 28 and Owen Tora is 1)
Narrated by Abby

I know it's not nice to say, but sometimes I so glad to have a job outside the house. When mom's working around the house, I get tired just looking at her.
I don't know how she does it, but she manages to keep the house clean without any help.
She even manages to keep the garden clean!
And when the garden and the house are all in order, she goes fishing, and even makes plates to sell at the shop.
Dad tried talking her into hiring some one, at least for the garden, just to take some load off her hands, but mom doesn't want to hear about that. She says dad doesn't hire some one to help him in the greenhouse as well, but Reinout is there every day.
As much as I like going out the house to work, I hare leaving as well. Everybody gets to spend a lot of time with Brain, mom looks after him on top of all her work, and keeps telling me she wouldn't want it any other way.
I'm pretty jealous of every one who can spend time with Brain, especially seeing that when I'm home I still have a lot of work to do.
The moments I can spend with Brain, are so rare, that they are very precious to me.
He's such a great little boy, always so happy. Every one loves spending time with him. Sometimes I'm even amazed that Reinout and I created this little wonder.
Although I think the cats wouldn't mind a little bit less love.
Even though Annie and I don't have much time, we try to meet every weekend, most of the time we take the boys to the park.
Sometimes we ask Sya and Catherine to come along. We hardly ever have time to catch up, so we take advantage of every moment we have.
In a few months time things will be even harder to meet, since Sya and Marie are expecting their first child, and Catherine is expecting twins! Even Annie is talking about having another child soon.
Reinout and I have been talking about more children as well, be we decided to wait. Brain wasn't planned at all, but now that he's here we want to enjoy every moment with him, and enjoy each other now that we still can.

I know you didn't get to see Reinout in this update, but he was there! He's mostly working in the greenhouse, and when he's not he's spending time with little Brian.

  • I thought I hired a gardner some time ago, but apparently I didn't. It seems like Debby has everything under control, but I'm still thinking about letting them hire some one.
  • I know, you haven't seen their shop since I did a rebuild last year, I was planning on letting them create a nice stock before opening, but that seems to be taking up a lot of time.
  • Both Annie and Erik rolled the want to have another baby, so I think I will let them next time I play them, despite the number of babies planned. Reinout and Abby on the other hand haven't rolled the want just yet, but they haven't rolled the want to get engaged/married either. Anyway, by the time I play them again, Brian will almost start school, so I will take Abby off birth control, and see where it goes from there. Since they both have their ideal family size set to 3, I'm sure we'll see some more children of them.
  • Abby, Annie, Sya and Catherine all went to university together, this was when I didn't look at ages, but just sent my sims at the end of each round, that's why they don't have the same age. But they are still friends now, and I like the fact that they all have kids around the same time, the largest age difference would be around 2 years, and I like that their kids will be able to play together when growing up.
  • I've put the 'coming up'-section back, and I'm hoping I can keep it up like that.


  1. Wow, she is a superwoman keeping everything going like that. I can't believe it, can she come to my house :P

  2. I love having those kinds of friendship groups in game, where the mothers can all get their kids together for play dates. It seems really realistic to me and I liked seeing Annie and Abby with their boys at the park.

    Some mothers need to work outside the home and I guess Abby is one of them. Funny how she's the complete opposite of her mother, who seems to really thrive on working at home!

  3. Apple Valley Lol, I don't mind that Debby comes to your house, but I'm pretty sure her housemates will be protesting :)

    Thanks for reading!

    Carla I don't have a lot of those kind of friendships, but you're right they are great, I wouldn't mind having some more :)
    I love teleporting toddlers to the park, but putting them on the horse-thing was about the only thing they were able to do with their sons :(

    Some women do need to work outside the house, and I think Abby is one of them, I think she would go crazy having to stay home every day.
    Her sister, Annie, on the other hand, I can see staying at home.

    Thanks for reading!