Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Terrano - October 2020

Lasy update/Next update

The Terrano Family
Nio is 29, Stella is 32, Enya is 5, Sayda is 2 and Wylco is 5 months
(Fen Mishoen is 58, Tika Mishoen is 36, Tina Mishoen is 19, Lewis Mishoen is 7, George Roque is 5, Joshua Mishoen is 3 and Michael Mishoen is 2)
Narrated by Nio

Both Stella and I weren't looking forward to hiring a nanny when she had to go back to work after Wylco was born. So since Stella's job is much more easier to work from home, she decided to do as much of the work as she could from home.
This way she's able to be with the kids whenever they need her. With Wylco this isn't a problem.
But Sayda now is on an age where she asks more of her parent's attention, which makes it harder for Stella to get some work done.
Enya gives us hardly any problems. She's capable to entertain herself, and she doesn't give us a hard time whenever she has to do.
She also helps around the house, wich isn't something she loves, but she hardly complains about it.
Sometimes she just add to all the crazyness we already have by bringing friends home from school. I sometimes wonder if George's parents wonder how their son looks like, the boy spends almost all of his free time at our house.
But when George isn't over, Enya loves playing with her little sister. I love watching the 2 of them. It's so nice to see that they are getting along as well as they do, but I'm afraid it won't always be like this.
Whenever I'm home I sometimes need to practice for work, so I go to campus, since they have the only dance studio at the moment. Enya ussually asks if she can join me, and she loves spending time there.
Since mom is at home every day, she offered to come and help. I was a little bit hesitant since we never had a great relationship, but finally gave in.
She helps around the house, and is great with the kids. Sayda really adores her grandma. It's strange to see mom so devoted to her grandchildren when she could hardly bring up the time to spend with med when I was little.
It's strange, but I do like it. I prefer for my children to know their grandmother, since they will never know their grandfather. And mom seems to enjoy spending time with them as well.
On my days off, I usually ask Tika to stop by, when she's not at the salon. We are best friends since we were kids, and I would hate it if I didn't get to see her anymore because of lakc of time.
Whenever she comes over she brings her boys with her. We want are kids to be close as well. Sayda, Joshua and Michael love spending time together. I'm sure it will help that Sayda already knows some one when she start school in 2 years.
When Tike and the boys are at our place, Lewis usually gets off the schoolbus with Enya, and they spends the entire afternoon playing together. Enya is such social girl, that she gets along with almost everybody.
Lately I've been trying to meet up with Tina a little bit more. She's pregnant and it seems like she needs some one to talk to.
I usually take her out to diner, so we can talk. It's not like she says a lot about what's going on, and I don't ask too much, but I'm sure she'll tell me if I could do anything.
With everythinh going on, it's hard for Stella and me to find time to spend together. Most of the time the only moments we have are before we go to bed, when all the kids are at sleep.
But even those moments get interupted. There's been a wave of burglaries all around SimsVille and Simmeria. We thought we were safe, having a burglar alarm and all, but we still got a visit.
Thankfully our policeforce is pretty good. They were here pretty fast, and were able to capture the thief. They are thinking it's a well organized gang, but they are on top of it.

  • Almost every family I've played lately has had the visit of a burglar, and every time it's some one else, so I see it as a gang going around the hood.
  • I don't see Tina as the one to tell everything to her brother, but I do see her as some one to need to spend time with him. After all she has her best friend Laura, who she tells everything.
  • Fen rolls wants for her grandchildren. So even though she wasn't much of a mother to Nio, I do see her a loving grandmother to all her grandchildren.
  • I'm thinking about doing some profile-series on some of my sims, like Fen Mishoen, though I'm not completely sure about. Please feel free to give your opinion about this idea!


  1. Nio and Stella's kids are so adorable! I loved seeing them with Tika's boys.

    It's really sweet that Fen is such an involved grandmother. Maybe she's trying to make up for lost time, seeing she was a bit more distant with Nio.

    Profiles sound fun! It's always nice to learn a bit more about people's Sims and sometimes those things we learn don't necessarily fit into an update. :)

  2. For some reason I thought that they would get pregnant again instead of getting robbed :P Loved how you wrote in the bit about organized crime, it makes sense.

  3. Carla I love Nio and Stella's kids too, they really are cute :) I kind of stole the idea of the play dates from you, I always love seeing you toddlers together :)

    I like Fen as devoting grandmother, though sometimes it feel so out of character. On the other hand she wasn't as distant with Tina as she was with Nio.

    I'll take another look at profile-series. Sometimes I want to tell more about a specific sim, but the notes at the end of an update don't seem like the place to do so.

    Thanks for reading!

    Apple Valley I have to admit I was expectin them to get pregnant as well, but thankfully they didn't :) although I wouldn't mind another one from them, the 3 they already have are pretty cute :)

    Thank you, it seemed like the best way to write the robberies in, it does make sense.

    Thanks for reading!

  4. They have such cute kids! Loved the playdate with Tikas kids. I'm glad that his Mom wants to be a good grandma and that he allows then to form a relationship with her. And I think more info on fen and others would be great

  5. Maisie Enya and Sayda are pretty cute, I can't wait for Wylco to grow up :)

    I'm still thinking about the profile-series. If I do them Fen will surely get a place in them :)

    Thanks for reading!