Thursday, May 5, 2011

Alenis 1 - January 2019

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The Alenis Family
Mariëtte is 25, Bethany is 3
(Adam Snijders is 22)
Narrated by Mariëtte

It's hard, having to share my daughter with her father. I miss out on so many things. One time when she came  back home, she was potty trained. I want to teach her things as well, but it's hard to keep up when she's with her father half of the time.
It's not that I don't want her to be with her dad, but I just want her with me all the time. I'm determined to teach her some things too! And I know it sounds a little bit childish.
She's a very sweet girl, and I love her very much, she's my whole life. I made her a teddybear, and she plays with it all the time.
The hardest part about having to share her, is taking her to her father, and leaving her there. I know he takes good care of her, but it's still hard.
When I get back home, it's easier. I get to catch up with my work without having to check where Bethany is all the time.
I get to spend some time with Snow as well. I think she feels a little bit neglected when Bethany is here, but I try to make it up when she's with her dad.
I would love to find some one new to love, so I try to go once in a while as well, to be around other people. 
Who would have thought that I would find love doors away. When I was still with Bai, I didn't look around, but now I'm free to do so, and Adam is great. I'm not going to say he's the love of my life, but I think he could easily be.
At the moment we's just having fun.

  • Adam and Mariëtte were the surprise couple I've mentioned on twitter some weeks ago. I didn't initiate it. When she went out she didn't meet anyone special. And I was getting a little bit tired of her sitting at home, so I let her knock on het neighbor's door, they talked and ended up on the couch :)
    We'll see where these 2 will end up :)
  • Adam Snijders is Madeleine Rai's ex-boyfriend, they broke up due to lack of wants for one another. He's one of my playable NPC's.
  • Nothing special happend this round, she had Bethany for some days, and than Bethany was with Bai, she didn't get any promotion, nor did she roll any special wants, so the update maybe a little bit boring.


  1. I feel the same way with my sims. When I play divorced parents its hard because I tend to let the mom have the child more. I loved the way you wrote this story line. Good job!

  2. I feel sad that she has to share Bethany. Of course it's best that she does! I'd be hard pressed to actually do it irl! Especially with Bethany coming back with new skills! I'd hate to miss that. I love my babies haha. Funny she found a guy next door, that would be convenient!

  3. Aw, that's nice that Mariette found somebody (and even nicer that it's a playable NPC, over a townie). I hope they're happy together. It'll be interesting to see how far they want to take their relationship.

    Her relationship with Bethany is very sweet. Of course it would be hard to leave her with her dad. It's good that she seems committed to letting Bethany have a strong relationship with her father as well though.

  4. Awww, divorces are always so hard. I'm glad Mariette has found someone to spend her extra time with though.;)
    Is Bethany's father a playable on your game?
    Great update!:)

  5. Thanks for reading and commenting everyone!

    Bernz1977 Thank you :) Bethany is my first, and for now only child, who't parent aren't together anymore, so I'm still searching a good way, but it seems to work this was :)

    maisie I think the hardest thing for Mariëtte is the fact that Bethany learns things when she's with her dad. At least now she has Adam to keep her company when Bethany isn't home.

    It's nice that Adam lives in the same building. As I said I never anticipated this, and never expected it, but I'm happy with it :)

    Carla I love the fact that he's a playable NPC too :) I'll have to go to his house to age him up, I'll see if I can post some extra pics of them.

    When Bai still lived with her, he was close with Bethany already, it didn't seem fair to take her away from him.

    coolkat2 Bethany's father is Bai Zang, and he is a playable. His current girlfriend is expecting a child, thank you ROS!
    I'm glad I finally found someone for Mariëtte, even if they started it themselves!