Thursday, May 12, 2011

Min 1 - Frebruary 2019

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The Min Family
Quan is 49, Chu is 48 and Benny is 14
(Anna is 20, Ellie Roque is 14)
Narrated by Benny

When mom and dad finally got used to the idea that they were going to be grandparent a lot sooner than they thought, they were looking forward to the birth of their first grandchild.
They ask Anna over quite a lot so they can spend some time with her.
I try not get involved that much. I don't mind becoming an uncle, but I'm more interested in getting into university at the moment.
Not that I don't make time for other things, but those things just aren't Anna's baby. I try to get out enough, sometimes on my own.
But sometimes I ask Ellie to come along. We've become pretty close lately.
And I don't mind if it would get even closer. I don't think she would mind either.
She gets my strange habbits, like going to the cemetery to see a ghost. Though I don't think sitting on a bench in the middle of the night when it's snowing is such a good idea.
I got the flue thanks to my trip to the cemetary, and had to stay home from school a couple of days. I got a call from Ellie saying she was sick as well.
It was a great excuse to not have to rake the leaves in the garden.
And I was able to study some more, which is always a good thing, at least for me.

  • Benny is another one of my sims who rolled the flue-ROS this round, which makes him the 5th sims this round to get the flue.
  • Benny is knowledge/popularity sim, and he rolled the want to see a ghost, so what beter place to see a ghost then the cemetery? So he went there, and I let him invite Ellie over, but there were no ghosts ... Anyway it was the perfect excuse for me to give him the flue.
  • Benny rolled some wants for Ellie this round, but not enough to make it serious between them. Next time I'll play Ellies house we'll see if anything happens between them.
  • Not much of Quan and Chu this time, but they went to work, came home, ate, got their pleasure up and went to bed, just to do everything over again.
  • Only 4 more moths untill Anna has her first child, and Quan and Chu will be grandparents for the first time. I'm looking forward to it :)


  1. Aw, poor Benny for getting the flu. But he didn't seem to mind too much, since it got him out of raking leaves and let him do more studying, lol. :)

  2. Yay, this post is back! Blogger removed it before I had a chance to read it. I could have read it in Google Reader, but I figured I'd just wait until I could comment as well.

    Anyway...great update! It's nice to see Anna's parents are supporting her and quite realistic that Benny wouldn't much care!

    I can't wait to see if anything develops between Benny and Ellie. There never seem to be any ghosts at my cemetery either. I remember when I got the ROS to kill off Araminta and Zelda's dad, he was supposed to die by fright. I had to completely fake it, because there were just never going to be any ghosts showing up, lol!

  3. Since Blogger at 2 of my comments, I will be putting them back myself.

    Original post by Diana P. Hopefully, when their flu is over, Benny and Ellie will get EVEN closer. :)))

    Original post by Shana Aw, poor Benny for getting the flu. But he didn't seem to mind too much, since it got him out of raking leaves and let him do more studying, lol. :)

  4. Thanks for reading everyone!!

    Carla I put it back the moment blogger became active again!
    Benny is 14, it seemed fitting that who wouldn't care about his sister's baby. Other than his parents who would be all over her.

    I hated that there were no ghosts! But it also gave a nice excuse for Benny to get the flu.
    Ellie's update will be in March we'll see them again soon.

    Diana P. We'll see Ellie in the Marsh-update, so you won't have to wait long to see if anything will happen.

    Shana Which teen likes doing chores around the house? So Benny was happy he got out of it, even if he had to get the flu because of it.

  5. Glad we can comment on blogger again, I love that Anna's family is being supportive. I can see Benny not caring about it at all. He's lucky to have a girl like Ellie, who doesn't mind freezing to death in a cemetery waiting for ghosts. Do ghosts show up on a community lot in TS2?

  6. I wonder how Benny and Ellie's relationship will develop. It seems like a match made in heaven when they can sit in a freezing cold cemetery and get the flu together.

  7. Thanks for reading!

    maisie I don't think there are a lot of girls out there who would be willing to sit in the freezing cold in a cemetery to see a ghost, so Benny is quite the lucky guy :)
    Apparently gohst don't show up on community lots, at least not in my game, and seeing Carla mentioned the same problem, I think it's a general thing.

    HeredonCove Now you mention it, I will have to write down their attraction score somewhere, I don't think it's extremely high, but you'll see them again in Ellie update on thusday :)

  8. I'm glad Anna's parent are being so supportive of her and the baby. It will help when this newborn finally makes it's appearance.
    I'm glad Benny recovered quickly, and in tue mean time got to study a bit more. He's gonna need all he can get for uni.
    Great update!:)