Thursday, May 26, 2011

Mishoen 1 - April 2019

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The Mishoen Family
Goofy is 54, Fen is 57 and Tina is 18
(Nio is 28, Niels is 19, Enya is 4 and Sayda is 1)
Narrated by Tina
Ever since I've became 18, I've been going out a lot. Mom and dad never really denied me anything, and I could mostly do what I wanted, but it's fun now that I'm actually legally allowed as well.
I go out to Simmeria a lot, but I even like the bars in SimVille.
I don't come home untill early in the morning, and I sleep untilly early in the afternoon.
I don't go out by myself all the time. I used to hang out with Laura a lot, she's my best friend, but she's a year younger, and has to go to school so it's kind of difficult. I do still have Niels, he likes going out as much as I do, even if he has classes to go to.
We don't want to hang out at his dorm all the time, so we go to the local businesses to hang out mostly. It's always fun with him though.
I do have a job as well, and I start rather early. Some days I hardly get 4 hours of sleep before I need to go to work, and that's hard at times.
Mom is at home a lot. She hardly ever opens the gym anymore. She focusses on her own body and fitnees a lot, she keeps telling me to do so as well, but I just don't want to spend my whole life on fitness equipment.
Recently she has been calling Nio to ask him to come over. I don't know what's gotten into her, but she wants to meet her grandchildren.
I actually thing it's a good thing. I never liked that she and Nio didn't talk, and now she has been talking to him a lot.
She loves spending time with Enya and Sayda as well, and keeps asking Nio if there will be any more grandchildren. I'm so happy she doesn't bug me with those kind of questions, but anyting can change  guess.
Enya loves comming over to swim. I try to spend time with her whenever she comes over. She's a lovely kid, and I love her!
Dad has been quiet lately. I think he's starting to feel old now tham I'm officially an adult. I try to talk to him , about the sillies things, but he just keeps to himself.
He does seem to be himself when he's with mom though, so I'm not to worried at the moment.
  • To be honest Fen didn't roll any wants for Nio, nor did she for Enya or Sayda, but I was getting tired that those little girls didn't know any of their grandparents, they only have 2, and Nio doesn't have any contact with his dad either. So I decide to let him come over with the kids, and he and his mom talked the whole afternoon!
  • Goofy didn't do all that much this session, he kept mostly to himself. I think it's a little bit hard on him that his only child, his daughter, the apple of his eye, is an adult now!
  • I know I'm late with this update, but it's only 12 hours! lol!


  1. Poor Goofy. If he feels old now, how is he going to feel when he starts going grey?!

    Tina seems like she's having a great time right now. Functioning on so little sleep is so realistic for that age. I was like that at 18 but I'm an old lady now and would fall asleep if I tried to stay up as late as I once did. Tina should enjoy it while she can!

  2. I'm glad Tina's having so much fun right now. She may as well enjoy the freedom while she can.:)

  3. I agree, its good that Tina is having fun while she can - she won't have that kind of stamina forever! :)

    I love the cute picture of the kids with the picnic basket.

  4. Thanks for reading and commenting everyone, I'm sorry for the late response!

    Carla LOL I think Goofy will be really depressed when he turns grey, or when Tina will move out!
    I too would fall asleep when I lived Tina's life now :)
    I think Tina will take out of her life whatever she can.

    Blackcat Tina will be enjoying her life as much as she can, I'm sure she will :)

  5. coolkat2 I'm sorry I looked over your comment!
    Anyway, I sure Tina will enjoy it all, as much as she can.