Monday, May 2, 2011

Birthdays - January 2019

This January it's time to celebrate Anthony Verbon's 1st birthday.

Also celebrating his birthday is George Roque. He will also be starting school this year, and he's looking forward to it.
Joining him at SimsVille Up Hill Elementary will be Enya Terrano, who is also turning 4 this January.
Melissa Mertens just moved to campus. She wants to become a teacher someday, and has choosen Mathematics as her major.
Her sister Margot Mertens is joining her at SVU, and has choosen Biology as her major. She hopes to work as a veterinarian one day.
Also tuning 18 this year, but not going to university is Tina Mishoen. She will be living with her parents for now, she'll see what the future brings her.

  • I like Anthony Verbon a lot! I think he looks like both his parents, skincolor, eye-color and haircolor he has from his dad, Olaf, but I think the rest of his face is his mother's, Mia. He's cute anyway!
  • George Roque is his dad, Yuan, all over! His little borther, Charles on the other looks a lot more like their mother, Fran.
  • The reason Tina didn't go to universtity is because she doesn't have any ambition to go. She hadn't studied enough, and her LTW isn't for a job that requires a degree. I'm not sure it I'll let her take the job from the LTW though :)
  • SVU doesn't have any regular playables as the moment, but I'll keep posting about them since Melissa and Margot and Jason and Mario will eventually become playables.


  1. George does look a lot like his dad. And little Anthony is adorable! Happy birthday to everyone!

  2. Anthony is very adorable! And uni isnt for everyone. It always kills me when parents want to force college on their kids. If they don't have the motivation, its not doing them any good! Margot is cute as well. Happy Birthday to all :)

  3. Anthony is adorable, and Melissa is quite pretty. Such a big group of birthdays!! I love that George and Charles take after opposite parents, they are really cute too!

  4. Melissa and Margot are gorgeous! You have such a bunch of cute kids on your hands at the moment as well.

    There's no point going to university if your heart's not in it. I'm looking forward to seeing what Tina decides to do with her life instead.

  5. Happy Birthday everyone!!:)
    Anthony and Enya are absolutely adorable!:)

  6. Thanks for reading and commenting guys!

    Shana I think George is his dad all over, I'm glad his brother looks much more like his mum! Anthony doesn't look like his sister, which made me happy, this way he's more special.

    Mizzgin03 It's hatefull when parents to that, thankfully Tina doesn't have those kind of parents. Her cousin is the only on in the family who went to universty, apart from her cousin's husband.

    maisie That's what made me happy too, that George and Charles look different, though I would have loved a nice mix of both parents as well :)

    Carla Thanks :) I'm liking them as well, and it doesn't stop here ;)

    coolkat2 Enya has always been a favourite of mine and she still is!

  7. Btw.. I forgot to ask. I just updated my blog and for some reason, I've noticed that on other blogs' blog lists, it shows I haven't updated in a week. Do you know any way that I can fix it? Thank you so much!:)

  8. coolcat2 I have no idea how to fix the problem, I'm sorry. I can tell you that I didn't get a notification in my google reader that you updated.