Monday, May 9, 2011

Birthdays - February 2019

Abby Gradonni was hoping to get some last drawings done before the baby would arrive.

But the baby desided otherwise. The fact that she went into labour scared Reinout a little bir and for a moment he didn't know what to do.
Thankfully they made it to the hospital in time. And a few days later the took home their new born son, Brian Gradonni, where they were welcomed by Abby's parents, Debby and Kürt.
Abby is trying to settle into motherhood, and it seems to be going fine. She's curious how it will go when she has to go back to work.
Stella and Nio Terrano are thinking about the day their youngest was born, and that it seemed like only yesterday they brought Sayda home, and now they are already celebrating her 1st birthday.

  • I desided to keep the Gradonni name, since they are one of my foundes, and I don't really like Reinout's name, Krielman. When Abby and Reinout get married, Reinout will take the Gradonni name.
  • I was kind of hoping for a girl for Abby and Reinout, since Sayda is the only girl younger than 4 at the moment, but a boy is fine too, as long as Annie and Erik will have a boy as well.
  • When I see Sayda I think she looks more like her mom, at least she has her mom's nose, and Enya has their dad's nose, the rest is a little bit hard to see.


  1. Sayda is so cute! Stella Terrano always makes the prettiest babies :)

    Only one girl under the age of 4, wow. She'll be popular when they're teens :D

  2. Sayda is a cutie! I have a soft spot for aliens :). I can't wait to see who Brian looks like. And Flit is right, she'll have her pick of guys her age!

  3. Yay, welcome Brian! I'm glad he's finally here. And Nio and Stella's kids are all so cute and Sayda is no exception.

    And wow, you have a little imbalance going on there! Hopefully it'll even out somewhere along the line.

  4. Welcome Brian! I'm sure he'll grow up to be adorable!:)
    Don't worry too much about the shortage of girls. Before you know it, you won't be having any boys!;) That's just how the sims works!
    Sayda is a cutie! Happy birthday!:)

  5. Sayda is adorable and I'm sure the new baby will be cute too! :))
    I'm following this story, I really like it!
    Hoping you'll come visit my blog too

  6. Sayda is so cute!! Looking forward to seeing Brian age up, how odd that you have so many little boys!

  7. Thanks for reading everyone!

    Flit It's the first time I play Stella Terrano, but I'm quite happy with the result, Sayda and Enya are both cuties.
    I'm hoping for some more girls, but it would be nice for Sayda :)

    Mizzgin03 It would be fun to see Sayda when she's a teen :)
    I'm wondering about Brian as well, but at the moment I'm more excited about his cousin that will be born next month :)

    Carla You and me both!! But I'm always anxious when a baby is due in SimsVille :)

    I'm really hoping the boy-girl-balance will even out soon, but knowing my game it won't happen :)

    coolkat2 I'm hoping Brian will be cute :)

    I was hoping to keep the balance even, but you're right, that's just how the game works :)

    Diana P. If the new baby looks anything like his mother he will be OK :)

    I will be visiting you blog soon!

    maisie I don't like having this imbalance in my hood, but it will be interesting for Sayda when she grows up :)