Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Young 1 - January 2018

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The Young Family
Marcus is 26
(Elisa de Leeuw is 23 and Sya Gerrits is 25)
 Narrated by Marcus

I finally bought a house. I've had the money for it for quite some time now, but I couldn't find one I really liked, and buying is just isn't something you do easy. I feel kind of proud of it actually even though I've inherrited some of the money, but I worked for part of as well.
It's not really that big, only 2 bedrooms, but I don't need much more anyway, since I'm alone again.
Jo broke up with me last year, she didn't say much about it back then, and I still don't have any idea of the reason why she broke up with me, and she refuses to take my calls.
I have been meeting my cousin, Elisa, lately, I hated the fact that we didn't have any contact at all, she's my cousing after all. She has filled me in on the reason of the break up. Jo is seeing some one else! She actually has been seeing him when we were still together, and the reason Elisa knows is that she used to be the guy's girlfriend. And she walked in on them one day!
Elisa has been seeing someone new now, and since our first meeting, Elisa and her new bofriend, have been spending a lot of time at my place. She brings over her other roommate as well, and the evenings like this are a lot of fun.
I have been meeting with Sya too, but not as much as we used to. She's married now and it's not always as easy to meet up. I wanted to check out that new bar that has recently opened, and Sya had time. We had a great time and I really wished we could do these things more.
Lately it seems like everybody is starting their lifes, and that I'm left behind. It seems like I've had some chances, first with Ingrid, and later with Jo, but there's always something, and I'm alone again.
I know, and I hope, that I won't be alone for the rest of my life, but I just wished that I didn't have to go to bed alone evey night.
I mostly fill my days with working out. It has been raining a lot this winter, and I wasn't able to practice basketball a lot, so I've mostly been going to the Sports Center, but to practice on the machines It's' a nice place to meet other sportsfans. But when it started snowing I wasn't doable anymore, so I converted the garage into a private practice-area!

  • Elisa is the daughter of Marcus's brother. There was a huge age-difference between Marcus and his older brother, because Marcus was the child of their father's 2nd wife. I don't know what the age-difference exactly was because I didn't keep track of my sims this closely back then. Marcus has another cousin as well, Mairi Wagtmans, but she's much older then he is.
    I know, not completely clear, but the family has its own section on my family tree page. I justed wanted my families to be much closer then they are at the moment.
  • I was kind if getting tired of the building Marcus lived in, even though he didn't live there for too long, and since he had the money, I thought it was time for him to buy his own house. The houses are right near the sports area of Simmeria and since he works in the athletic field, it suited Marcus well.
  • I won't be having a lot of time to do anything simrelated this weekend; a party from work, and dinner at the patents, but I will do my very best to have the next post (a birthday-post) up for you by monday, and even have the one after that ready for next week, in the mean time happy simming to you all!


  1. Aw, I hope Marcus can find someone soon! Maybe Sya or Elisa can introduce him to somebody. ;)

    Awesome that he was able to buy a house at 26! Most of my Sims wouldn't be able to do that on their own unless they had help from their parents.

  2. Carla Thanks for reading

    I have someone in mind for him, and I think ACR will approve, but it's not quite time to introduce them :)

    He had a lot of money! Both his parents are dead, and they both left him some cahsh. He always rented a place, and was able to save most of it :)