Monday, February 21, 2011

Zanobi 1 - Frebruary 2018

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The Zanobi Family
Lucas and Sophie are 42, Emma is 12 and Julian is 7
Narrated by Emma

Dad is always busy with food, wich of course isn't a surprise since it's his job, and he claims it's his hobby as well. He loves working in the restaurant, he just loves food.
Sometimes I wonder if mom likes it as much as he does. Some weeks ago the heathing in the restaurant broke, and it was so cold mom had to work with a scarf!
 Dad really wants me to help out, but I'm still doubting since I have so much on my plate right now. There is school and keeping up with my homework.
I'm a huge sportfanatic, so I like to work out, and keep building up my skills.
And of course I have to maintaine my social contacts. So I have lots to do already without helping out in the restaurant.
 To top it all off, I have to look after Julian when mom and dad are in the restaurant. Wich actually isn't too bad, march has been extremly cold this year, with snow and everything, and we've build a snowman in the garden.
Mom also tries to spend as much time wich each one of us when she's not at work, wich isn't a lot.
Julian still needs a lot of help with his homework, so he needs the most attention.
But when she has time, mom always plays soccer with me. There's a new sports center in Simmeria and I would love to go there, but mom and dad thing I'm too young to go on my own they said I'll have to wait a little bit before going there.
Dad took us to the skating rink on his day off. I'm always surprised how much fun Julian can be, but I just wish dad would have take us to the sport center!

  • There wasn't much happening in this family this round, they are actually a quiet family to play. I hope this will change soon, when Emma starts getting interest in boys.
  • I've given Lucas and Sophie jobs this round, following Carla in this. Lucas works (of course) in the cullinary field, and I let him hire Sophie and Emma at the restaurant. Yes Emma does have to work there, wether she wants it or not!
    This job-thing is something I will be doing for every sims who owns a busisness, from now on.

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  1. I find the jobs help fill in the time a bit for business owners! Sometimes it's annoying to have them hanging around the house all day!

    Emma sure keeps herself busy, doesn't she? It'll be hard to fit it all in once she starts noticing boys, which I'm sure isn't far away!