Monday, February 7, 2011

Birthdays - February 2018

It's February and the time has come for Stella Terrano to give birth to her second child. She had just put Enya down for her nap when she felt the first contraction. Nio called the nanny and they went off to the hospital.
Back home with their newest addition to their family, Nio's family came over to meet the new baby.
Enya doesn't realy understand what's going on, and is more interested in the grown ups in the room, because they actually play with her. It will be a some time before little Sayda will play with Enya as well.

  • Again, no hospital pictures, this time because I'm completely redoing the hospital. It's not nearly finished, but I'm getting there. And I'm liking it a lot more then the one I have right now!
  • So another daughter for Stella and Nio. I was hoping for a boy but you can't always get what you wish for. I don't think they will have another child, but we'll see what the game gives me :)
  • I've just now realised that I did it again. I have yet again 2 sims with the same name. I already had Lucas Zanobi, and Lucas (Luke) Draper, and now I also have Anthony Spits, and Anthony Verbon. This is how creative I am when it comes to naming sims, buildings, ...


  1. Aww two little girls is sweet though! But I understand wanting a specific gender for a family and not having it work out that way. I'm still wanting my elusive big boy family.

    That's funny with you using the same names, I've had that problem with townies that had makeovers/new names. But they don't usually make an appearance on the blog anyway, I use them for the money at my shops! :)

  2. Boys are nice but it's always better to have two of the same sex. But I feel for their dad when they are teens. LOL Hormones galore.

    Don't worry about the names. I'm the same way. I end up changing a lot of my lots names at least four to five times before it sticks. I hate trying to come up with names. lol

  3. Aw, welcome Sayda! I can't wait to see what she looks like. You seem to be lucky getting the alien skin tone so far. My Sims never seemed to, when I was playing aliens.

    Can't wait to see your hospital!

    LOL, like Maisie, I'm still waiting for my all boy (or all girl!) family as well. It's never happened but with my recent baby boom, now's not the time to try!

  4. Thanks for reading and commenting guys!

    Maisie I wanted a boy for them, but I don't mind that it's a girl, if Sayda turns out as cute as Enya it can't go wrong :)
    I really need to think better about naming my sims, when I go on like this, I might end up with a hood with sims with the same name, lol!

    Riverdale If Sayda will be as cute as her older sister, I'm afraid Nio will have his hands full when they are teenagers!

    Carla I never used to be this lucky with the alien skintone either, and the eyes are much prettier too then what I used to get :)
    I'm still working on the hospital, but I hope to get it done soon, but I'm doigng so much at the moment :)
    I have an all girls family once, but it was in TS1, Bella and Mortimer had 6 girls! Never happend to me in TS2 though.