Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine Day's Special - My love for building

I know it's not really the love they mean on Valentine's day, but I only recently switched to ACR, so I still need to figure out which couples are a good, or even great, match, and I already did a post on my favourite couples last year, so I couldn't do any of that. That's why I decided to share my buildings with you.

As some of you already know I did hoodreplacement on Simmeria last september, and with it I decided to redo Simmeria completely. When building all those new buildings for Simmeria I realized I wasn't too happy with the ones I already had in SimsVille, so instead of finishing Simmeria first I'm now redoing both of those hoods, and playing in the mean time.

This update will include all of the new buildings I have been building for SimsVille. The ones I'm doing and already did for Simmeria will (hopefully) follow in a later update.
I may disappoint some if you because this update will not include tours, I will however inculde top down views to give you all an idea of how the lot looks on the inside, and if I allready did a tour of the lot on N99, I will of course give the links :)

So here's SimsVille:
The road on the right side of the map is the one that's leading to DimSimTown, a rural area about an hour away from SimsVille. DimSimTonw is still very empty at the moment, that's another one of my projects.
The road on the left side of the area is the road leading to Simmeria, the downtowndistrict about a half hour away from SimsVille.
There are still some lots on the map that need replacing, and there are even lots on the map that just aren't in place yet, but I'm still working on it.

And here are SimsVille's newest lots:

* Roque's *

 *  Belio's Bunk *

* Zanobi's *

* City Hall *
Ground Floor
1ste Floor

* Central Parc *

* The Lilly *

* The IT Bar *

* The Blue Spoon *

* Hillside Parc *

* Fun & Games *

* The Pier (left) *

 * The Pier (right) *

  • I hope you all likes this post, because I had fun writing it! I'm even planning another post like this, but this time about Simmeria, wich has a lot more to show, because it's bigger.
  • The piers don't have names yet, it's always the same with me and my crappy naming :) so for now it's just Pier (left) and Pier (right)
  • As you may have noticed, I like using those lightning letters, but I love them! And it's kind of the only thing in-game I have to put out sings on buildings. It's the same with those decorative stars (in 4 colours), I use them a lot, because they are almost the only wall decore there is when you don't want to use posters.
  • I still have a lot of work to do, but I don't think I will ever finish :) I figure that when everything is done, I just restart :)
    I still have a lot of lots to do, Rai Arts, Mishoen Fitness Center, Gradonni Market, SimsVille Library, the grocery store, the Animal Paradise, ... and of course add some residential lots, and adapt some of the ones I already have, and I still need to fill in those large empty blocks.
  • Next update will normaly be a regular one, and if all goes well I might have it ready by thursday.


  1. Great buildings. I wish I could go on a building binge. Its bad when I start building because then I miss playing my sims. Keep up the great building!

  2. Oooh, these look great! I love the look of the Piers and I'm so impressed that you built a city hall! I downloaded my town hall and am slowly redecorating it.

  3. The lots look great! I really like your piers, and the city park is great as well. I really like big giant parks in the middle of a town.