Monday, January 24, 2011

Mishoen-Gerrits Wedding - January 2018

SimsVille City Hall, SimsVille
Sya Mishoen is 26 and Marie Gerrits is 27

 I really like those both pictures, though the second one was kind of accidental :)
 This one isn't as good as I thought/hoped it would be, for some reason Marc didn't want to look at me at all, and Nuan is kind of reluctant as well
This one is pretty good, Sya and Marie, Sya's parents and sister, Tika, and Tika's husband,Xiang. 

  • I know there isn't much text in this update, but the pictures kind of tell the story, so I desided to just let them to that :)
  • I really don't know how others do it, but I couldn't get my guests to stay. After only one action the all left. There really were more guests than the few you see at the table! On top of it all, everybody else on the lot kept comming in, wich wasn't the plan!
  • I desided to let Sya take Marie's name, since I already have 2 Mishoen families, and only one Gerrit, wich would have gone if Marie took Sya's name. So now they are Marie and Sya Gerrits.
  • I didn't let them go on a honeymoon because they want to adopt a baby, and they live rather small, so I think they can use their money a lot better, at least for now.


  1. It worked well without pictures! It was a lovely wedding and both girls look so happy.

    I like your accidental shot - sometimes those turn out so sweet.

    Congratulations to Sya and Marie!

  2. What a nice wedding! I like accidental shots too.

    To keep guests on the lot, I just make them selectable. Then they can't leave. As for others showing up, happens for me as well, and I just ignore them.

    How are you going to the adoption, just from the phone, or do you have something else in mind?

  3. Thanks for reading and commenting guys!

    Carla Thank you, I like the shot a lot too. And I totally agree with you, they both looks really happy!`

    Maisie I've been thinking about banning everybody from the lot next time I do something like this, but of course then my guest would also disappear :)
    I don't have any idea how I will do the adoption, maybe I'll just do artificial insimination, I will probably let you know in their next update.