Monday, February 28, 2011

Gerrits 1 - April 2018

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The Gerrits Family
Marie is 27 and Sya is 26
(Marc Mishoen is 64, Nuan Mishoen is 59 and Marcus Young is26)
Narrated by Sya
I like being married to Marie, after all this years, she's still the one I can't live without.
We still want children in the future, but aren't sure yet how we're going to do it. Marie really wants to be pregnant once, I don't mind that much if I carry a baby myself. It's really important to Marie, so we're looking into that right now. The big question when we're going throught with that is if we're going to take a donor we know, or an anonymous one. There's still so much to think about.
Another thing we're thinking about is moving. We love this house, but it's kind of small if we want to raise a family. We've seen some house here in Simmerie that we like, but even though we have some savings, we would still need to take out a loan.
 Later that week, when we had diner with mom and dad, we mentioned that we were considering taking out a loan to buy a house. Dad was completely against it, well not completely, but he and mom wanted to give us some money, to get us started. I was against that, but mom and dad insisted on it. So now the househunt can actually start.
I like being home, and spending time with Marie, but on Fridaynight I always go out with Marcus.
Most of the time we meet at the sports center, shoot some hoops. I'm not really good at it, but Marcus is very patient with me, and tries to teach me. I'm sure I'm not a very good student, but I like spending time with Marcus.
Afterwards we always to out to dinner, mostly we go to the dinner next to the sports center. I would love to see Marcus with someone, but he insists that he's happy with his life, and always changes the subject.
As much as I like my night with Marcus, I always feel a little bit guilty when I climb into bed when Marie is already asleep.
She doesn't have someone like Marcus. But she likes hanging out with the girls, so we try to do that as much as possible.
Since I'm not much of a dancer, I'm always happy that there are others who do like to dance, that way I can play pool, and Marie can go dancing.

  • I really have no idea yet how they are going to become parents some day (hopefully soon), but I think I have a donor, just in case it's going to be through IVF.
  • Marie really doesn't have a lot of friends yet, but I'm sure this will change soon. For now she has the girls, and they are always in for some fun. (the girls are, Abby Gradonni, Annie Tora and Catherine Penninkmeijer).
  • About the househunt, I have a house ready for them, I think they will move in there next round, thanks to Sya's parents. The reason they are going some money to their daughter, is because their oldest daughter and her family lives with them, and they won't have the expences for buying a house.


  1. Aw, I'm glad these two are so happy. They're a sweet couple.

    You have me all curious about their possible donor now! I can't wait to see what avenue Marie and Sya take to start their family.

  2. These two are sweet, I hope they have a baby soon. I'll be curious if you do the IVF who the donor is.

    The sports center looks great in play! That's nice of Sya's parents to help out with a house.