Monday, October 25, 2010

Alenis 1 - Spring 2017

Bai is 25, Mariëtte is 23 and Bethany is 1
(Anna Min is 18)
Narrated by Mariëtte

I have to say that I never understood why Bai wanted to take responsability and move in with me to take care of me and the baby. His mother hates me because of it, because she thinks I was after his money, and I never had the intention for him to move in. I have to say it saves the cost for a nanny because Bai doensn't go to work most of the time.
But not going to work doesn't mean that he stays at home and does some work in the house. He goes to the parc right next door most of the time, and takes Bethany with him. It's a rather small parc, so god knows what he does there all day.
Bethany is exhausted at the end of the days, she just crawls onto Snow's cousion and falls asleep.
When I come home from work, I have to do the houseowork, feed Bethany, bath her and put her down for the night. When all of that is done I have to work on the order I've got for a wedding.
 All this when Bai was home all day, and played on his computer! And I don't even have time to spend with my daughter!
My day never seems to end, and when I finally go to bed, it all starts over the next day!
All of this is already hard to handle, but when the neighbors come and tell me that they saw Bai in front of the building with another woman, and that that woman didn't leave very fast, but went inside and stayed there for some hours, I just snapped! I never expected him to be faithfull, but I at least expected him to be descrete about it. After all he was the one that insisted on moving in and being a family.
I confronted him with all the facts, and we had a huge fight! He actually said that his mother was right about me all the time, and that I was just after his money! So I wrote home a cheque, and asked him to leave the same night. It's true, I want to earn a lot of money, but I want to earn it the right way, I don't want to trick a guy into moving in, and take him money from him. I was never my intention for him to move in in the fist place!
Well, he left, never giving me the chance to change my mind, he didn't even try to make me change my mind! He just got into the cab and drove away, back to his parents.
I just think it's sad for Bethany, becasue despite everything she really loved her dad. After all he spend almost all of his days with her. Ever since he left I haven't heard from him, so I don't know if he will be visiting Bethany, or wants to arrange a shedule for her to stay with him sometimes.
For now it's just me and Bethany and we are doing fine. I've finished the weddingdress for Annie Gradonni's wedding, and for now I won't take anything else. This way I can spend some more time with Bethany.

  • It was never my intention that Mariëtte and Bai would settle down together and start a family, but I had to do something when Mariëtte got pregnant. That's why Bai moved in with her, and since he's a nice guy, it suited his character. Since they both saw their relationship as fling it was never meant to last very long. So when Bai met Anna it all went a little bit faster. Bai has 2 bolts with Mariëtte but 3 with Anna, that's what made me deside that he and Anna would be a better match.
  • I have to admit I lowered their relationship with the simblender, and made them fall out of love with eacht other. After all the fighting they did, I don't even thing they are friends anymore.
  • Anyway, Bai now lives with his parents again, Anna is at uni for the moment, and Mariëtte and Bethany are now on their own.


  1. Aw. It's very sad for poor little Bethany but it's probably for the best that Bai and Mariette split up. It doesn't sound like it would have lasted very long anyway. Hopefully, he'll still be involved in his daughter's life.

  2. Poor Bethany, she looks so sad. :( I hope that everything works out well for all of them, and that he takes time to spend with his daughter. It'd be pretty crummy of him to stop caring about Bethany all of a sudden.