Saturday, September 25, 2010

Tora 1 - Winter 2017

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The Tora Family
Erik is 24 and Annie is 26
(Debby Gradonni is 49, Abby Gradonni is 26 and Sya Mishoen is 25)
Narrated by Annie
I love Erik but I hate it that he doesn't do anything with his college degree. He graduated in political science, but since there were no jobopenings in politics back then, he setteled with a job in science. He seems to love his job, but I wish he would do what he went to school for, and I know there is an opening now, but he just won't listen to me.
I can't complain though, he likes what he's doing and he's bringing in money to pay the bills. I'm doing the job I have dreamd about doing since I was a teen. Right now I'm a field agent, and it's really intersting to research all those things.
I mostly work late, and that's the only thing I don't like about my job. It gives Erik and me not so much time together. On the evenings I don't work though, we don't always do something together, some evenings we just sit together and read.
Other nights we go out. Since there now is a movietheater in Simmeria, we mostly go there. Picking the movie really is the harders thing of the whole evening. We never seem to want to watch the same movie.
Eventually, a few minutes before the movie starts, one of us gives in and watches the movie the other one has choosen. Those evening are actually a lot of fun, once we've choosen the movie.
This summer Erik and I will get married so it was about time that I went shopping for a wedding dress. I called my mom, sister and best friend and asked them to come with me and giver their opinions. We went to the newly opend Pretty in White Bridal Shop on Railroad Lane. I tryed on a lot of dressed, but eventually found one I like a lot!
Since they also have other formalwear, like bridesmaide dresses, I had Sya and Abby try on a couple of dresses too, so I could order them too.
At the end of the afternoon, I had a gown for me, and also choose the bridesmaid dresses. I talked with the owner, and she promissed me to have them ready by the end of spring for a final fitting. Since it's already the end of winter, I'm a little bit late and have to pay extra, but I'm happy about it all.
I have mom over a lot too, since the wedding will be at their home, there are a lot of things to discus and get ready. I try to visit them a lot too, to see help out there.
The girls also try to take me out a lot. They say it's my last chance before I get married, and they drag me everywhere. We usually start the evening at the Greenhouse for dinner.
After dinner we normally go dancing at the Dance Lounge. It's just around the corner from where Erik and I live, so it's kind of convinient.
Since Erik doesn't have a lot of friends in SimsVille or Simmeria just yet, he mostly stays at home. I think it's a little bit sad for him, but he always claims that he had a great time, and that he enjoys having the place all to himself for once.
He trys to stay awake those nights, because he hates going to bed alone, but most nights I find him sleeping in a chair in the livingroom. I then wake him up so we can go to bed together.
We have been talking about expanding out little family, but the time isn't just right yet. We both want childern, and mom would love for us to give her some grandchildren, but we just want to enjoy our time together for now. We live in a 2-bedroom apartment, but want to buy a house before we have children. Let us just get through the wedding first, and see what we have left before adding another mouth.

 Because I just love these 2, and think they are sweet!

  • I know it's been a while, but those of you following N99 already know that I haven't been home a lot since my vacation was over. Since I work the late shift next week, I will be having some more time, since nobody wants to meet in the morning, and I really enjoy those mornings, just me and my simmies :)
  • Annie and Erik actually have enough money to buy a house, but I just haven't found one I like for them yet. And they also have to the wedding they have to pay, and the tux, and the weddingdress, and the braidsmaid dresses, .... and I just love their apartment :)
  • I think they are both very cute sims, and would make pretty babies some day, but not just yet, they are adorable together, but they haven't rolled the want for a baby, so I'm going to have to wait untill they do, or untill I get tired of waiting :)
  • The movietheatre is one of the many new buildings in Simmeria, and I'm happy with how it turned out,it's called Movie Starr Cinema :)
  • I'm in a buildingmood at the moment, and I'm working very hard on Simmeria, but if all goes well, I'm hoping to get an update up by wednesday!


  1. You are definitely in a building mode! I am loving all your lots you've been showcasing at N99. The movie theater is great, happen to recall where you got the giant TV? I made a theater a while back, and the tv is ridiculously small. Yours turned out very realistic.

    These two are really cute together, I like that you are waiting to have a family with them though. I'm looking forward to their wedding!

  2. I love that you're in a building mood. The lots you've shown at N99 have been wonderful and it'll be extra wonderful when we start to see them popping up more and more in the stories here.

    Anyway! Annie and Erik are a very cute couple. Their wedding sounds like it will be beautiful and I'm glad they're giving themselves a bit more time until they start popping out the babies. They wouldn't want to regret not enjoying some time as a couple first.

  3. The movie theater looks awesome!

    Annie and Erik are cute together. I'm looking forward to their wedding! It's good that they're waiting a little while before having kids. They need to enjoy this time together before they get too wrapped up in taking care of kids. :)

  4. Thank you all for reading!

    Maisie Thank you, I do like it too, and I really have to take advantage of buildingmoods, they don't come around that easy with me :)
    The giant TV is by Johnr2000 at MTS:, I can't remember which one I used, but they both look great in game.
    I don't think I've said it before but their wedding will be this summer.

    Carla Thank you very much, I'm loving building at the moment, so you'll see some more buildings pop up at N99 soon, as soon as I get around to taking the pictures that is.
    Yes, I think they are sweet too, and I actually have to restrain myself from taking Annie of bc, because I can't wait to see their children!

    Shana Thank you, I'm hoping to let you all see the interior soon at N99, but I haven't had time to take pictures yet.
    I'm looking forward to their wedding as well, allthough it's going to give me a lot of work, of that I'm sure!