Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Birthdays - Spring 2017

Not much happening this season, at least not compared to my previous birthdaypost.
There is a little bit of everything :)

In Simmeria is the Spits family recieved the good news that they are expecting another child.
The children are as excited as the adults to welcome this new bundle of joy this fall. Anabel is hoping for a little sister, since she already has 2 brothers.
In SimsVille Fran's duedate is getting closer, her 2nd child is due this summer.
In the mean time mom and dad are enojying the beach and their son to the fullest.
With Robin and Bruce all the waiting is over.
In the middle of the night Robin woke up with pain in her stomac, so they headed to the hospital, where the doctor desided that she had to stay. She tryed to sleep a little bit while Bruce was waiting anxiously.
It was only a couple of hours before Nathan Forman was born.
Bai Zang and Mariƫtte Alenis are already celebrating the 1st birthday of their little girl, Bethany. I think she looks like her dad a lot.

  • Nathan is the first baby born in the Forest view hospital. And like usual I don't have any god pictures of it at all! I need to train myself in taking good pictures!!
    Anyway the hospital isn't quite finished yet, but I really wanted to test it. I have to finish it by the next birthdays though, because I really want Fran's child to be born in the hospital!
  • I love the picture of Yuan and Fran with George, I hate the fact that I didn't zoom in more, and that the freezer clock is in it! But I only saw it when I quit the game, and I didn't had time to restart and do it all over again.
  • As Anabel, I'm hoping Krisitane and Richard have a girl, but I wouldn't mind a boy either because Peter is such a cutie!
  • If I get around to playing I'll have an update for you by saturday, otherwise it will be next week!


  1. I actually didn't notice the freezer clock until you pointed it out. That's a fantastic picture! It might have been better zoomed in a little more but then again, you get to see more of the background the way you have it, which really adds to the picture. Well done!

    Bethany really does look exactly like her dad. Her mouth might be a little different but that could be the male/female thing too.

  2. I didn't notice the freeze clock either. I really like that picture. It kind of looks like someone passing by saw a really cute family and snap a photo.