Saturday, September 4, 2010

Mishoen 1 - Winter 2017

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The Mishoen Family
Goofy is 52, Fen is 55 and Tina is 16
(Nuan Mishoen is 59, Niels Bleek is 17 and Laura Penninkmeijer is 15)
Narrated by Tina

Mom is old now, with grey hair and stuff, and dad will be too soon. All they do these days is talk about life, and if they made the right choices in life. I don't know if they made the right choices and I really don't want them to bug me about it, I just want them to act normal again.
Ever since we bought this house, mom hardly leaves it. It's like she can't stand to get away from it. She doesn't open the Sports Center that often anymore, and we live of dad's income. She asks aunt Nuan to come by a lot, something she never used to do, and we used to live next to her! They gossip like old wives!
And they look so proud when they made a snowman together! I mean, grow up!!
Sometimes it makes me jealous though. I don't have a brother or sister to share these kind of things with. My brother, Nio, moved out, got married, and had a baby, and now he hardly has any time left for anything else! Don't get me wrong, I get it, but I'm allowed to hate it!
I have my boyfriend now, Niels, we do lost of things together, but it's not the same as a brother or sister! It's fun though, even though I don't like him having the boyfriend-title, but he takes me out. Since I'm 16 now, mom and dad even agreed to letting me go all the way to Simmeria!
It's always fun with Niels. I know he's ready to take our relationship a step further, but I really didn't want to do that in as photoboot in the middle of the diner!
So instead I asker him over when mom and dad were out. This is one of the times I'm really happy that I don't have a brother or sister to bug me!
I got Niels out of the house by the time mom and dad came home, as open minded as they are I didn't think they would aproove a boy in my bedroom. I was only a little bit too late to change myself. When I came out of the badroom, dad walked in, it was a bit akward, but surprisingly he didn't say anything about it!
I of course had to tell Laura about it! She's my best friend in the whole worl, and maybe she's kind of a sister to me, although she really doesn't need another sibling since she already has 5 of them! Anyway, she was so jealous! Her boyfriend is only 13, and she's getting a little bit tired that he's too young for a lot of things!
 Mom and dad gotten another phonecall from school about my grades, I really wished that principal Mokara wouldn't call my parents if my grades were slippingn anyway mom and dad were never the kind of people to care about those kind of things, but did ask me to at least TRY not to get kicked off school, because it's only 2 more years.
Mom is also training me for the Sports Center. She wants me to take over one day, and I'm very eager to learn everything there is to learn about it. 

Laura and Tina actually went ice skating, and after doing this they all of a sudden where in love!! I really couldn't stand that idea, so I adjusted their relationships with the simblender, but I don't think I will ever let my sims do this another time when I don't want them to fall in love!
This is where Fen and Goofy were when Tina asker Niels to come over. They were having a fancy dinner at the Silver Spoon, wich I redecorated (it used to be all red, but I like this better) Goofy really isn't the kind of guy to take to a fancy restaurant, just look at those tablemanners!!

  • Fen did open the Sports Center, and it is going kind of good, but it didn't fit in this update, so I didn't put it in, she usually stays home too.
  • Goofy nor Fen ever roll wants related to Tina and her grades, they don't want her to go to private school, they dont' want her to be an overachiever, they even don't fear Tina doing bad in school, so they really aren't the kind of parents who actually care if their child does well in school or not.
  • Niels nor Tina rolled the want to woohoo, because I didn't have a hack for that, now I do, thanks to Carla. But since she's a romance-sim and he's popularity, it kind of was what I thought they both wanted.
  • Nio hardly ever appaers in these updates, because he's Fen's child with a married man, and I always think the rejection was too hard for her to handle and Nio always was the reminder of that mistake she really didn't need. There is a picture of Nio and his wife on one of the bookcase, but that's it.


  1. LOL, yeah, the ice skating "twirl with" is a romantic interaction. Sometimes they kiss at the end of it. It seems very rare - I've only seen it once.

    Seeing Nio must still sting for Fen, even after all these years.

  2. Carla, didn't think it was, and I was very surprised when all of a sudden they were in love, didn't like it at all!

    I think it stings for Fen too, that's why he never comes around. And since Goofy isn't his dad, it's fine buy fim.
    I think I'm going to let Nio ask Tina over sometimes though, they were pretty close.

  3. I really like Goofy's hair/facial hair combo. I was surprised too when Morgan and Hazel fell in love ice skating a long time ago. I fixed that up right quick.

    Funny on Fen and Nuan building a snowman together, I can see why Tina might think that a bit odd.

    It's unfortunate that Fen wasn't able to form a stronger bond with Nio, it wasn't his choice that his parents were adulterers.