Thursday, September 9, 2010

Zanobi 2 - Winter 2017

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The Zanobi Family
Dimitri is 36, Andrea is 38, Matthew is 13 and Marlys is 9
(Lucas Zanobi is 42 and Ada van Straaten is 39)
Narrated by Matthew

Ever since I told Marlys that in high school you need to choose if you want to learn creativity by playing music or drawing and painting, she has been thinking about it. When she finally made a desicion I was hoping it would be drawing or painting, at least something that doesn't make any noise, but she choose music, violin to be exact, and now I'm hoping she learns it very fast, because my ears can't stand this for too long!
Creativity never interested me very much, so I not really focussing on that skill, I do want to go to university though, so I'm working hard to keep my grades up, and to get schollarships. Dad tries to help me as much as he can, but I'm not so sure if he's helping me or if I'm helping him.
I don't work all the time though, I go out to. I used to go out with Laura, my girlfriend, but lately she's been very distant, and always says she doesn't have time to do something, I've tried talking to Morga, her bother, about it, but he says he's not comming between it, so I try not to think about it and give her some time.
I've been bumping in to my cousing, Emma, a lot and it's nice to spend more time with her, we were never that close, but things can change can't they?
I'm sure things can change when I look at mom. Lately she has been fed up with her job. She says they keep asking things from her that she doesn't want to do, and things where she feels uncomfortable by. So she started searching the internet, and found this program to get a universitydegree, she's going to do that, and keep her job in the mean time, to keep bringing in the money, and when she has her degree she will start looking for something else.
I'm happy for mom, because I know how much she hates it to get into bed an hour before everyone else gets up.
And how she hates it to not be there when Marlys and I get home from school, to spend time with us.
Dad still is the same, and I doubt he will ever change at all. He still has his shop, and he goes there almost every day. Customers seem quite happy with it all, and he even got a good review in the paper and the best-of-the-best-award, so there really is no need to change.
Marlys begged me to teach her to play chess. I don't know why though, she's pretty good at it. It annoys me that she talks all the time!!! I'm hoping she grows out of that!
She's not all bad though. She actually is a pretty sweet girl, and you can have fun with her. There was a night where it snowed so hard she asked me to go outside and build a snowman with her. We had so much fun. If it wasn't so cold I'm sure we would have had a snowballfight, but we had to warm up again.
Marlys had been asking to go iceskating for a long time now, and one saturday dad finally gave in, and the 3 of us went to Simmeria to go iceskating. Marlys had so much fun. I was almost sad when it was time to go home. I had a good time too.
I don't know if dad had a good time though. He didn't came out of the building! I likes sports, but he thinks iceskating isn't a sport. He said he had fun though, but I really have my doubts about it.
Mom didn't come either, she has been working hard to get her degree, and she sais she has been neglecting her friends. So she invited Ada over to spend the afternoon at our place. I don't know what they have been doing all afternoon, but when we got home they were as tired as we were, and we went iceskating!
That same night, dad went out with uncle Lucas. He had to tell uncle Lucas about the award he got. They went bowling in Simmeria. Dad was even home after mom, and mom is hard to beat!
Even though we all seem to have a lot going on in our lives, mom insists to have dinner together. She wants us all to tell her about our day before she heads of to work and before we go to our homework and out beds.

  • Andrea never rolled the want for another job, and since I don't have ROS, she couldn't have rolled it. I just don't like her working in the criminaltrack. She's way too nice!!! So I decided that it was time for something new, and I choose that business will be great for her, unfortunatly she needs a higher degree for that, so she's following the adult education program, and she only has 3 more articles to write before she's finished.
  • Laura, Matthew's girlfriend, never really came up in this update, because he doesn't roll any wants for her at all!!! I never planned them to get far anyway, but we'll see what happens when I play her family.
  • Matthew has the want to go to university, so I let him work really hard for that. He doesn't roll any wants to gain a skill, but I figure since he wants to go that indicates that he wants to work.
  • Strange thing this harder grade hack. Matthew startet with an A+ and now had a B (I think), but he has 8 or 9 logicpoints, so I really don't get it, I'm going to keep it though :)


  1. Wow, this family were busy this round! They were going all over the place. That's great though - it keeps you and them from getting bored!

    About Matthew's grades, it depends what version of harder grades you have. I have Harder Harder Grades, which means each Sim has a different skill they need to focus on, not just Logic.

  2. They sure were busy! I really liked the bowling and ice skating. lol on his Dad just sitting inside, and claiming to have a fun time.

    I like Matthews personality as he narrated this. Hope he does well once he goes to college.

  3. Marlys has sucha cool life, lol! She did nothing but such fun stuff in this update.

    The family did so much, too! My favorite was the bowling picture.

    Your sim houses are seriosuly awesome!