Thursday, September 2, 2010

Birthdays - Winter 2017

It took me sometime to get through this birthday-session! I have at 18 birthdays for you, so let's get started!
Be warned this one is rather long!
Even though this baby was planned, Fran├žoise Roque still is surprised to start showing! Baby Roque will be born in the summer of 2017!
Robin Forman has to wait only 3 more months untill she can hold her little baby in her arms. She due for the spring of 2017!
Over at the Mishoen residence, Tika knows her time has come when she wakes up in the middle of the night with a terrible pain.
Soon she's holding her new baby in her arms, and can Xiang meet his new son too!
So here's the baby everybody has been waiting to meet, ever since his picture was shown at N99! Here's Tika and Xiangs 2nd baby-boy, Joshua "Josh" Mishoen!
Right next door, at the Zang residence, Josh's cousins are already celebrating their 1st birthday. Mona looks a lot like her older brother Ross, who looks like his father, and grandmother.
Nora and the other hand looks a lot more like her grandfather, with her small mouth and nose.
Over at the Mishoen household again they have, besides the birth of Joshua, also the 4th birthday of Lewis. Lewis is a nice mix of both his parents. Lewis will be starting school at SimsVille Up Hill Elementary.
Joining Lewis at SimsVille Up Hill Elementary, will be Anabel Spits, she still looks a lot like her father.
And her brother Anthony will be joining them too, he too, looks a lot like his dad.

They aren't the only ones to start school this year; Mia and Olaf Verbon now too have school-aged children too, since their twins are also 4 now. Here is Morgana.

And this is Zenzi.  Zenzi really is a girly girl, while Morgana is more the dare-devil never considering others.
And the Mokara's will see their last child start school this year too. Sam Mokara is also turning 4.
A lot of new kids starting elementary school, but some of the older ones are leaving. Like Emma Mikkels. Emma choose the world of wealth for her future and is hoping to earn a lot of money.
Joining Emma in High School will be Morgan Penninkmeijer, who looks a lot like his brother Jack. Morgan likes to be popular and the middle of the attention, when he grows up ....
Turning 18 this year is Anna Min (she's pretty :)), and after all the nagging her cousin Jo did, Anna desided to take out a loan to go to university with her cousin.
Leaving SVU this year is Elisa de Leeuw. Her mother is in the Ardens and her father is dead, so they couldn't be here. She will be visiting her mother soon though.
 Elisa lives in Simmeria, in a reasonalby-sized 2-bedroom apartment. As for now she will be working in the educationcareer, awaiting a opening in the policeforce.
Elisa's boyfriend, Jack Penninkmeijer and his brother, Lawrence, are also graduating this year. They choose to not let their family come over, because they have 4 siblings, and it would be too much.
The 2 brothers are charing a 2-bedroom house, at the incomeroad to Simmeria, in Simmeria.
Jack isn't yet sure if he's going to follow his dream, or take another careerpath.
Lawrence already knows he's going after his dream, and is just waiting for an opening to get started, and not only career-wise, but also in his relationship with Kenneth.
And last but not least, Fen Mishoen has traded her nice black hair for silver friz that go with elderhood.

  • Well Lewis Mishoen has a little brother, I was so hoping for a girl :( But Josh is cute too :) (as are all the simbabies)
    And Lewis still is as cute as a child as he was as a toddler, I hope Josh has some of the looks his older brother has.
  • Mona and Nora Zang; I don't know why but I have this a lot in my game. When there is already a child in the family and then the family has twins, the oldest of the twins always looks like the older sibling, but the younger one always looks different
    Anyway they are cute.
  • Anabel and Anthony Spits sure look like their father. When I played them I took a look at their face from the side, and then you see they don't look like Kristianne, but like Jason. I wonder what will come of it.
  • Morgana and Zenzi I think look the most like their father, but when you look close you see some parts of their mother too. Their characters are rather different though, Morgana is outgoing, but absolutely not nice, and Zenzi is pretty shy, and a very nice girl.
  • As for the new teens, they are looking really good, Morgan really looks like Jack! But Emma I can't tell, she definatly has her father's nose, wich isn't a treat, but apart from that she's a mix :)
  • I really, really wanted Anna to go to university, so I let her take out a loan, and let her go, now I'm hoping she's going to do good of course.
  • I love Elisa, I keep wondering where she got her good looks, because I never though her parents were pretty. I let her rent a 2-bedroom aparment in Simmeria because I want her to have a roommate.
    The reasong she will be working in the educationcareer temporarly is because she needs money, and because there will be 16 students in elementary school in 2018, and that is much more than Marie can handle on her own!
  • Jack really is too sweet to go working in the criminal career, so I think I will be checking out Carla's post about choosing a career to deside on another one for him.
    For Lawrence there isn't any problem, I even thing he will be the only one in his track.
  • I've though about coloring Fen's hair, bet then desided on this look, and I like it.
  • Very long post: Done! Next post will be here by Saturday (I think and hope!)


  1. Now that is a lot of birthdays!! I forget a birthday now and again, and I've never had this many in one post! Everyone is looking really great.

    Joshua, aww. I wonder what he will look like when he's older. Lewis is adorable, as I figured he would be!

    Mona and Nora are adorable, they look really similar, but both distinct.

  2. Whoa! I've had some BIG birthdays posts but I don't think I've had 18 at once! Great pics. :D

    These kids are all so cute. I especially love Mona and Anabel! I hope you've made notes over which colour Mona and Nora wear - it's going to be hard to tell them apart, especially at a glance!

    And yay, finally we meet the baby and his name is Josh!

  3. Maisie I mostly forget to tell is someone is pregnant, so now I have a whole list in flashnote ever season to what I have to tell, and I push myself to indicate when I did, so I never forget.
    I hope Josh will turn out as cute as his older brother.
    Mona and Nora are sweet, like you said, definetly twins, but very different too.

    Carla It took me a while to get through it in game, and it definetly was the biggest one I ever had, it was fun though :D
    I like Anabel too, from when she was a toddler.
    I like Mona and Nora too, because they are so much alike and yet so different.
    Mona wears bleu for now and Nora purple, I think they will be having different haircuts when they grow up though, even now it's difficult to tell them apart!

    Ah yes the mystery-baby, Joshua Mishoen, I already love him :)

  4. Whoa!!! That's a lot of birthdays, I would have forgotten some.