Saturday, October 2, 2010

Verbon 1 - Spring 2017

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The Verbon Family
Olaf is 38, Mia is 37 and Morgana and Zenzi are 4
Narrated by Mia
The girls love living at the Fountain Rental Homes, and to be honest I can't blame them. There is a lot for the to do and there are neighborkids to play with, even though they are a few years older. 
And even if there is no one to play with, they still find a way to haev fun together, not always in a wa others would like it, but they are having a lot of fun.
I have to say, I love living here too, as does Olaf, but it bugsme that the place will never be ours, and the we will never be able to buy it. Olaf and I have been thinking about buying our own place, but it's hard. We do have some savings, but it's not like we have money to just give away, especially since Olaf got fired some months ago and hasn't found a new job yet.
Eventually we found a nice home in Rowlane in Simmeria. We have a completely open-plan livin/dining/kitchen area downstairs and 3 bedrooms upstairs. There even is small garden. The good thing about the house is that is right around the corner form my work, and that we didn't have to take out a loan to buy it!
The girls were a little bit sad to have to leave the Fountain Rental Homes and their friends, but they adjusted well. We now live closer to my brother as well, and their cousin will start school next your too, so it will be nice.
We settled into a nice routine too as well. I have to get up really early and Olaf alwys gets up with me. I don't know why, but he does and I think it's sweet of him. This way we get a little bit of time together, before I have to go to work.
He then makes breakfast and wakes up the girls to have breakfast together before they leave for school. Olaf always tells them to be punctial, they always seem to listen to what he says, but I keep wondering how long it will take them to pretend to listen.
After the girls leave for school, Olaf starts his cleaninground. He's not a neatfreak but everything has to be tidy.
 I get home before the girls finish school, and it gives us some more alone-time. We don't have to talk all the time, just sitting together is fine, he just relaxes and I read books to know more about marinalife.
When the girls get home from school, they usually play a little bit, but after dinner Olaf and I always help them with their homework. I'm finally used to the fact that my little girls are going to school, and now they are bringing hoe homework!
In the mean time he keeps looking for a job, but nothing has come up yet, and I don't think he knows what he wants to do. I try not to pressure him to look harder, but I find it difficult at times.
On the other hand, it wouldn't be that bad if Olaf doesn't get another job soon. He always wanted another chile, where I always thougt 2 was enough. But somehow he convinced me, and he even convinced me that now would be the perfect moment, since he will be home with the baby all the time and that we don't have to hire a nanny.
Since I sometimes talk about fishes and the aquarium, the girls have been asking to see where I work? So finally, when I had the day of, Olaf and I took them to the Rock Aquarium. While I showed them my office, Olaf was getting to the tickets. Morgana wanted to touch everything and Zenzi kept askig questions about everything!
Zenzi was excited about everything she saw, and wanted to know everthing about it. She kept waving to the fished and talking to the glass.
Morgana was more impressed by the huge octopus, and it was really hard to get her away from it.

Olaf eventually bribed her by telling there was a TV, with shows about life under water.
I was a little bit surprised that Zenzi didn't want to see the movie, since she was asking questions all the time. But I took her to the touchpool instead, and she loved it.
During dinner she told Morgana all about the fish she almost touched. Morgana wanted to go there immidiatly, but it was too late, so we promissed to come back soon.
Some weeks later I found out I was pregnant. Olaf was thrilled about the idea, and thanked, I don't know why he did that, it was as much his work as it was mine, but I just let him.

  • I actually like it when sims throw soap in the fountian. But the last time I played the Belio family, the neighbors of the Verbons at the Fountain Rental Homes, Mia kept doing it all the time, and the Belio's kept running outside to watch it!
    So Morgana did it this time, and Zenzi loved it, like mother like daughters I guess.
  • Baby number 3 is due for the wineter of 2018. Since I'm going to change to months next round, I think she's due for January 2018. I'm hoping for a boy this time :)
  • I love my Rock Aquarium!! I think it looks great :) I'm sorry I just had to say it.
  • The move was actually forced on me. I love the Fountian Rental Homes, the floorplan is based on the house I used to live since I was 12, and I used to like that house. But the schoolbus wouldn't come for Morgana and Zenzi, no problems with the carpool though, and they weren't able to walk to school either. The action always disappeared once I queued it. So they moved, and I was dying to let some one move in to my fake rowhouses, so they moved there.
  • I'm not going to be home a lot next week (again!) but I'm going to do my absolute best to get an update up by thursday! Not making any promissed here.


  1. Yay, another baby! Can't wait to meet him/her.

    I'm glad Zenzi and Morgana got to check out their mum's aquarium. It's a pretty awesome lot. ;)

    Bummer that you had to move but I bet Olaf and Mia are happy to not have to pay rent any more!

  2. Wow, the aquarium looks great! I like the touchpool, and, yay for another baby :)

  3. The aquarium is great! Goodness I want one but I'm just too darn lazy lol at least for now.

    I'm excitedthey are having another one. Bummer that they had to move, the rental homes seemed to offer a lot for the kids.