Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Roque 1 - Summer 2014

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The Roque Family
Gunnar is 53, Frieda is 51, Yuan is 24, Françoise is 19 and Eleanora is 9
Frieda: Yuan, Frans' boyfriend, had a fight with his mother and moved out of their house. To my big surprise, Fran asked him to move in with us. I don't think I would have mind if she would have just asked us if we were fine with it, but she didn't.
So now we are one person extra in the house. I don't know if it was a good idea, I mean she's only 19 years old. I know they have been dating since they were both teens, and they broke up when he became 18, but they have only been together again since a year. I think it's too soon.
What bothers me too, is that they both don't have a job. Fran wants to work in the café with her dad, and Yuan wants something like that too. The thing is that both Gunnar and I had a job when we started with the café, and Gunnar still has that job, just to be safe. I just think they find it easy this way.
They stay in bed untill they want to get up, and when they get up everything is done for them. I know something has got to change, but Gunnar doesn't want me to say anything about it.
It's not that I have a problem with Yuan, we get along really fine. I never thought I would get along this fine with my daughters boyfriend. I hope Fran gets along with his parents as well as I get along with Yuan, but that's hard I think, since Yuan only calls them sometimes, but never invites them over, or visits them.
Fran finally got her way, and goes with Gunnar to help out in the café. I think she's too young and needs to keep all her options open, but she doesn't want to hear about that. We all eat dinner together, and after that they take off.
It gives me some time at home for me. Since Fran and Yuan help Gunnar, there's no need for me to go along. It gives me time to work on the second part of my Franelle-series, and time to think. Since I wait most of the time untill they get home, I have a lot of time.
And there is a lot to think about. Fran has feeling a little bit nauseous lately, and I fear she's pregnant. Well, fear isn't the right word, I would be happy to become a grandmother, I just didn't think to become a grandmother so fast, but with all the time they have spend in their bedroom, there is a huge chance.
It's just too soon! I mean Ellie is only 9! And Fran is only 19!! They have only been back together for a year!

  • I didn't put Fran on birth control, because they seemed like the couple to "forget" something like that, and well it worked, their little accident will arrive in the Spring of 2015!
  • Although Frieda is a secondary family-sim, I figured she still wouldn't find it easy if her 19-year old daughter became pregnant.
  • I know Gunnar and Ellie didn't came up a lot, but there really wasn't much to tell; they both are doing fine by the way.


  1. I think it's realistic that Frieda would still have trouble with Fran getting pregnant, even as a Family Sim. My Victoria got pregnant at the same age and her parents and Finn's parents are all Family Sims but they all struggled. I think it would be odder if they were all over the moon about it.

  2. Uh-oh, a little one. I can see why Freida would be upset. Her daughter is quite young, not married, not working.... the list really could go on. I hope it all works out well for all involved. Ellie and the new baby will be more like cousins with each other.

  3. Carla Oh yes, I remember that they had a hard time accepting it, but they accepted in the end, I think it will be the same with Frieda.

    Maisie Both Yuan and Fran are helping out in the cafe, but they don't have any ambition to get a job so, that's all they do.
    Ellie and the baby will have a bigger agedifference than Fran and Ellie, so I don't know how she will react to the little one, she's always been the baby of the family.