Monday, April 5, 2010

Birthdays - Summer 2014

As promissed in the last post, another birthday-post, only birth this time, unfortunatly no other announcements this time.
The pregnancy gave Kristianne some much needed time to spend with her huband and children.
But this pregnancy was much harder then the first one, maybe because she had to care for the Anabel and Anthony and do the household too, and didn't get as mcuh rest as she needed.
You can imagine Krisitianne's happiness when her time came, and she gave birth to a healhy baby-boy. Richard and Krisitanne named their little one, Peter Spits.
Peter has darkblue eyes and brown hair.


  1. Welcome to Simsville, Peter. Does he have black hair as well?

  2. Welcome, little Peter. I'm glad Krisitianne made it through the pregnancy.

  3. Maisie I think he has brown hair, but I have to check it again.

    Francesca I'm glad too, but she's a family-sim, so she will pop up the want for another baby pretty soon, even though this pregnancy was so hard!