Friday, April 16, 2010

A sincere apology!

I want to apologise for the lack of updates and comments and responses to coments lately. Like I've said before I'm finding it harder and harder to find a good balance between simming, blogging, reading, and real life.
It's strange actually, because it all used to go so well, I never had any problems with balance before. Everything used to go so good, and now something is always comming up.
There is some good new however; in a few weeks, I have a week off from work. On the other hand, the weather here in Belgium is getting beter, so maybe I won't be home that much to do some simming.
Sometimes I feel like it's my own fault though, because of all the "projects" I'm working on:
  • I'm currently working on making my flashnote a little bit easier for me to use, a task that is taking up a lot more time than I expected.
  • I'm also working on a new look for my simprofiles, wich I think (and my sister agrees) is looking a lot beter. You can have a preview here, it's not completely finished, and I still have to update all the profiles.
  • After reading this post at LaQuest Beach and the fact that my game is really strange at some times, I thought it was time to reset SimsVille. So currently I'm not really "playing", but moving sims and families and building houses and community lots and decorating the hood.
On top all there "projects" I, of course, have to keep simming, blogging, reading, commenting, and livigin my own life!
So yet again, I'm sorry for the lack of updates, comments, and responses on comments, but bear with me, I still have a few updates ready for publication, and I hope to find a good balance really soon!


  1. It sounds like you are getting a lot done that will pay off in the long run-profiles, re doing a cleanr 'hood, etc. Simsville will be better than ever!

  2. Resetting my hood has made a world of difference and LaQuest Beach runs so much better now so it is well worth the effort......I need to create sim profiles on my page as well....maybe one day! But I think your game is not be so wonky once you redo it and start clean, good luck!