Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Mishoen 1 - Fall 2014

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The Mishoen Family
Goofy is 49, Fen is 52 and Tina is 13 (Laura Penninkmeijer is 12 and Niels Bleek is 14)
Fen: I'm getting a little bit tired of the house, I want to add a pool in the garden, but there is no room, I also want to change some things inside but I don't want to break down walls and stuff. To be honest I want to move, but we don't have enough money to buy or build a house of my taste, and it frustrates me a lot.
To get my mind of the moving-thing, I opened the sports center again, after a really long time. We could have easily lived of Goofy's income, but since I want more, we need this income too. I always loved working here, but since dad died, 14 years ago, it hasn't been the same comming here.
The thing I love most is being the personal trainer, but I thing I'm too hard sometimes. Some sims just can't stand it that you want them to achieve more! Some of them enjoy it when I yell they can do much beter, others finish their session and just go.
Tina has been asking me when she can come too, but she's only 13, I want her to enjoy her teen-years as much as she can!
She has a best friend, Laura Penninkmeijer, they are almost inseperable. Laura spends almost all of her free time over at our house.
They hang out together after school, when they're not going to The Pier.
She eats diner at our place.
And she stays over during most of the weekends. Sometimes it feels like I have 2 daughters instead of just one! I don't mind though, it's always good to have a best friend.
I found out that Tina has a boyfriend. She guaranteed me however that he's not her boyfriend, but just a friend. I'm not the one who can say anything about it, I was just the same at her age, well maybe I was a little bit older.
At least I wasn't 13 when I got my first kiss! I'm starting to feel jealous... and I don't like that at all!
After all I have Goofy to kiss and cuddle with me. But sometimes it doesn't feel like it's enough. Lately I have been thinking about Nio's dad more often, and I have no idea why. He always was a jerk to me, and never looked out for Nio. I need to get him out of my mind.
Speaking of Nio; when he was little we installed this balletbar, and he loved it immidiatly. He even made his hobby into his job, and he's pretty good at it, anyway, recently I have been practicing a little bit, and to be honest I quite like it, I can understand why he loves it so much.
I know Tina has had a hard time since her brother moved out, they were kind of close, and she really misses him around. She chats with him on the internet, but I know she wants him to come over more often.
Nio just doesn't have the time, but it would be great if he would come by. The school talked to Tina about her grades, and she has to do a lot beter if she wants to keep going there. Nio was always the one helping her, and maybe he can talk to her, or help her.
Since I re-opened the sports center, I have been seeing my sister a lot more. It's strange we live next to each other, but we don't visit one another, but she does visit the sports center. Sometimes we just talk, and than she already has to go again. It's nice like this.

  • I don't think 13-years old should go to bed together, but I think that a first kiss is allowed, and since Tina is a romance-sim, I figured it would fit her.
  • Laura really does comes by all the time, most of the time Tina doesn't even has to invite her over, she mostly is on the lot already.
  • Nuan, Fen's sister, comes to the sports center a lot, and since they don't have the best relationship, it was a good oppotunity for them to make that beter.


  1. How is your sports center going? I've got a gym in Exeter but I never send the owner down because it's so boring! Yours seems more active - mine seems to not get many customers and the customers who do come don't seem very active. :\

  2. Carla It had been going fine. I'm not going to tell that it brings in a lot of money, but it brings in some. I have to say that the customers only go to the treadmill, and not to the other things. When I want the to do something with the punching bag, I have Fen "offer them a lesson".
    I also have the "customer limit adjuster" to get more customers.

  3. Maybe you could add some of the hacked gym objects (can't remember where I saw them); but they add more fun to the exercise machines.

    Totally agree with you about 13 year-old's not going to bed together, although sadly, in real life it does happen. I am glad Tina has such a good friend though. I liked the shot of them hanging out in the tree house, it brought back nice memories.