Sunday, April 11, 2010

Gradonni 1 - Summer 2014

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The Gradonni Family
Kürt is 54, Debby is 46 and Abby and Annie are 23
(Reinout Krielman is 28 and Erik Tora is 21)
Debby: I love how the house has changed over the years. I mean when you look at it when we first moved here, and now, there's a huge difference. And with that I don't just mean the outside, there are some changes inside too, but I want more.
I'm not going to bug Kürt with it right now, after all it can wait. At the moment I'm mostly enjoying the fact that my girls have moved back home after graduating. They both did so well, wich was to be expected. I know one of them will move out one day, and I'm trying not to think about that too much.
But not thinking about it, doesn't make it much more unreal. They both have been dating for some time now, so the chance that they will stay with us forever is pretty small. Abby's boyfriend, Reinout, is 5 year older then she is, and he already lives on his own, in SimsVille Up Hill, so she's spends a lot of time over there, wich is natural of course, but I like having her at home too.
Annie's boyfriend, Erik, on the other hand is younger and still lives at the dorms. Whenever he gets a free moment, he comes by to hang out with Annie. It's lovely to see them hang out together, but it also makes me realize that my little girls are growing up so fast!
Since they were both spending so much time with their boyfriends, both Kürt and I thought it was time to meet those boys. We invited them both over for a familydinner and we had a nice time. They are good boys, both interested in working in the greenhouse. Reinout went to university to laern more and get a degree, but really wants to work in a garden. Erik has no idea what he wants in life, but he still has a year to think about that.
My girls are prooving the a university-degree isn't always a guarantee for a good job. They are constantly checking the internet to find a job, but never find one.
They keer theirselfs busy in the mean time, and don't seem to be bothered about it too much. They both are a huge help in the garden, looking for the crops, and stuff. They help with the fishing too, we must take advantage of the good weather to do so.
Of course they take time for themself too. They are both taking advatage of the good weather in more then one way. When all the work is done, they take out their towels and go sunbathing.
My work on the other hand, never seems to end. When I'm not in the greenhouse, or fishing, I'm cleaning the house. I refuse to take any outisde help! I wasn't too happy about the gardner we had to hire, but I just can't handle everything on my own. The girls constantly ask if they can help, but I want them to enjoy their young lifes as much as possible.
After all the housework, I still need to prepare all the fish, so Kürt can take it to the shop to sell. Some days I'm cooking untill late at night. Most of the time Kürt just sits with me, and we talk about our day, so I don't mind it that much.
Speaking of Kürt, I know he will never admit it, but I just know he missed the girls as much as I did, and he's just as happy to have them back home! He enjoys them more now they are adults, and has all sorts of conversations with them.
I find him outside the greenhouse much more since they moved back home. I catch him just sitting around much more too. I don't know if it's because he will be 55 next year, and wants to enjoy life a lot more, or because he thinks that he missed out on to much.
He even makes time in the middle of the day to have a nice family-lunch, another thing he nevers used to do. I love all these things, family-things.
But I still find it hard to think about the fact that one of my girls will move out one day! It's strange but we recently sold one of the kittens, and that made me think about it even more. Ah well, we'll see what life will bring!
  • It seems like my posts are getting longer, yet again, Debby had so much to tell, and I couldn't stop writing.
  • Emma Mikkels (of the Zanobi family) had the want to adopt a kitten for ages, and since this family has had kittens, it seemed like the perfect opportunity.
  • Eik and Reinout will get a profile, as soon as all the changes I have planned are finished. At the moment they are both playable NPC's, so there's no need for one.


  1. Aw, it's kind of nice to see Kurt becoming more family-oriented in his advancing age, what with making time to have lunch with the whole family.

    I hope the girls find jobs soon though! Are you waiting for a specfic job to pop up?

  2. Debby really does accomplish a lot in a simday. This was a nice update.

  3. Carla I'm waiting for a specific job to pop up, their LTW is to reach the top of a specific career, so I want them to have a job in that career.

    Francesca Thank you!